A Son I Never Got to Meet



AUTHOR: George Haman

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……………Maureen rushed to get the car. I did not want this guy to see us together again since I knew not who he was or what he was capable of. He spotted me and started following me, I had to get him as far away from Maureen as possible. I had just taken the 1st corner when I met with Officer Evance and his partner, Officer Phil.

“Hey officers?” I greeted them.

“Hey Ham, you look so distressed, are you okay?” Evance asked

“No am not, one of the guys who attacked me yesterday, he is following me.” I replied

Evance and Phil came up with a plan; I lead him right to them. They went to hiding and I pretended to have gotten tired, then the guy showed up.

“You thought you would go far huh?” He asked.

“What yours do I have?” I replied to him.

“Listen carefully; you stay away from that Lady, or else…..”

“Or else what? You will kill me in public?” I cut into the conversation b4 he would complete his sentence.

It was in a public place hence he would not act though so as not to draw attention to his side. He was about to point a knife at my ribs when Evance and Phil showed up, they arrested the guy and took him to the station.

Since I was to go for a checkup with Maureen, I was to go write a statement at the station the next day. I went back to where Maureen left me, I found her mad at me.

“Where did you go to Haman?!” She asked with a harsh tone

“I had gone to take my tax receipt to the city council offices dear.” I replied calmly.

“You should have called at least! Not sneaking out on me!” She said now calming down.

“Have you ever seen me with a phone?” I asked smiling in a sarcastic manner.

She dived into her pouch, got out a brand new phone and gave it to me.

“Here, this is for you, next time call!” She said.

“I sure will, I don’t know how to ever repay you dear!” I replied.

“I will still insist Haman, you owe me nothing!” She said.

“It’s getting late, get in the car we go the hospital.” She added.

I got into the car and we drove off to the hospital. This time we went to a different hospital, it was her favourite. The doctor on duty was called Vero; she was a great friend of Maureen. At the reception, we were welcomed by a nurse by the name Linnet, she had a convincing beautiful smile; one would think you going to feast on a buffet luncheon instead of injections.

By 6:40pm all was done, was given some meds to help ease the swelling and pain. Maureen dropped me off at my usual dropping point and as usual, I made sure she had left then I walked the remaining distance.

I was well known in the slums so when people heard I had been attacked, they came to console me. We sat outside on a field just behind the neighbouring houses and started telling stories.

Later, at around 7:30pm I went back to my cube and started getting ready for the following day. I had no appetite so did not even think of cooking.

I had just put everything in order when I recalled I was gifted a phone. I took it and started to play games with it.

I heard a knock at my door; this was weird because all my neighbours none used to Knock, instead they would call out my name loudly. I was sure that was not my neighbour but could not figure out whom it was.

I went to answer the knock. Just after opening the door, a lady stood in front of me, she was in a black skirt, just slightly above the knees, and a white top with black spots.

“Hello Maureen, how did you know where I live???!” I asked, shock written all over my face.

“I followed you Haman. It was dark so I made sure you see as if I had left then just after I took the corner I gave my workmate, Milly, the car to take it home for me then followed you, even as you jumped the sewage about a hundred meters from here I was right  behind you.” Maureen said. I lacked words to tell her.

“So, may I come in?” Maureen asked

I got confused; I did not hear her question at first so I asked her;

“Sorry, you were saying?”

“Haman, I asked you, May I come in??!” She repeated her question now more louder.

I first stood there staring at her, a million questions crossing my mind.

“Yea! Sure, come in dear. But don’t judge my small room; this is all I can afford Maureen.” I told her.

Maureen came in; I could see her gaze at my simple small room. From her look I could see she had something to say.

“Wow! You really are so orderly, everything is in order.” She said

“Is this why you always refused I visit you? You feared I would stop being your friend or maybe judge you?” She asked on a light note.

“To be honest, yes. Maureen you are way out of my league, I can barely support myself dear. I feared how you would react.” I replied now shying off

“Love knows no league my dear, neither does it have boundaries.” She said smiling.

Did I hear her right? Did she just mention love?! Maureen is in love with me? Of all men in the world, me? A humble newspaper vender! All these crossed my mind.

“Am sorry I have nothing to offer you my dear. I have not cooked supper and was not to cook.” I said.

She smiled, took her bag and removed some shopping.

“I bought these for you dear.” She said.

My house, or do I say cube, had never had such an amount of shopping. For once in my life, I felt a failure.

Maureen got up from where she was seated, lit the stove and started to prepare food. After taking supper, Maureen borrowed my towel to go and shower; I was still using my campus towel. By now Maureen had accepted my lifestyle so I stopped caring what she will think. She was really a simple and unique lady.

I fetched water for her, took it to our public bathrooms (We would share the washrooms with the neighbours) and left her to shower. How a lady in her class would blend so easily with ghetto life, I don’t know! All I know is that Maureen is special.

After the shower Maureen came back, with only the towel on. I could not help but notice her spotless legs; she stood right in front of me, with a smile on as usual. All this seemed like a dream to me, I could not believe the most beautiful lady in town was in my cube, wearing just a towel.

It was late already so definitely I knew Maureen was going to sleep over. She had brought some lotion with her; she started applying it on her body. Damn! Maureen had a really smooth skin. I sat there watching her like some movie on a TV Screen, temptations would just keep on coming, her thighs were one thing I would ever resist seeing. She was driving me crazy but I had to hold my horses, it was the 1st night together.

“Help me apply lotion on my back dear.” Maureen said.

At first I was reluctant; she was adding temptations on top of temptations. I just was like a robot, still could not believe my eyes.

“Okay, where do I start?” I asked smiling sheepishly.

“You can start anywhere Ham.” She replied.

I took the lotion and slowly started to apply lotion on her back, her skin was soft, I got carried away by the tenderness and kept on rubbing her back; she too was enjoying it and got carried away too.

I don’t know how but I found my arms having migrated from her back to her chest, I was still kneeling behind her, admiring her soft and tender skin. She slowly turned her head, looked direct into my eyes, smiled and kissed my lips.

I tried to kiss her back but this was just too much for me to digest at once. Instead of kissing her back, I just stared at her like a statue.

“Are you okay Haman? She asked, moving her soft palm around my rough cheeks.

“Yes, just hard to believe am with you at my place dear.” I replied.

“Why is it hard to believe? I am just human like you are dear!” She said.

“You are human yes but so beautiful Maureen. I don’t deserve you; you deserve the best in this world dear.” I said.

She stared at me and with love written all over her eyes, she said;

“Haman you are the best, you are the one I deserve. If told to choose again, I would pick you over and over again.”

She then held me crosser and this time gave me a deep kiss.

We started kissing; now both of us losing it, none of us was in control. I would feel Maureen gently touch my chest, her touch was so magical. Despite the thin mattress, I could not feel the pressing floor.

I was about to undo the towel when I heard someone call out my name. It was a very good neighbour of mine called Jed.

“Haman! It’s me, Jed; I brought you the other copy of the package you sent me! I could not get much since the money was not enough but this should take you a week or two” Jed said.

I had a hard choice to make, ignore Jed and go on with what I was doing, or stop and go see Jed…..

Maureen just lay on the mattress like some innocent lamb waiting to be sacrificed, looking beautiful than ever. I just had to check out the package Jed had, I had waited for it for so long.

“I will be back Darling, don’t move.” I said to Maureen and opened the door.



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Author: AuthorGeorgeHaman

Writing is not only my talent, gifted to me by God, but also it is my favorite hobby followed by Swimming, Hiking, Adventure and Nature exploration and Cooking. Detective movies are my biggest addiction, music is literary my life.

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