A Son I Never Got to Meet



AUTHOR: George Haman

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“I will be back Darling, don’t move.” I said to Maureen and opened the door.

I could not let Jed come in so I closed the door behind me and walked towards Jed, he was holding a set of writing scripts.

“How much did they cost?” I asked.

“Seven hundred and fifty.” Jed replied.

“Thank you so much my friend.” I said, getting out a hundred note and giving it to Jed.

I walked into the room and found Maureen holding another set of the same. She had found them under my thin mattress.

“What are these Haman?” Maureen asked perplexed.

“Those there my dear, are my hope for the future.” I said.

“I have a degree in linguistics my dear, I just couldn’t find a job so decided to pursue my passion. That you holding there is a copy of the first seven chapters of a book I am writing.” I added.

I could see shock in Maureen when I told her I was a graduate. She thought I was a school dropout though my eloquence kind of confused her.

“Huh! I thought you are a form four leaver maybe but then your eloquence and how fluent you are when talking made me have a lot of questions.” She said.

“Do you mind if I read your book?” She added.

“Of course not dear, go ahead.” I replied.

It was cold so I got Maureen one of my T-shirts and a pair of short. She started reading the book, I took a pen and lay on the floor; I started writing chapter eight of the book.

Maureen got carried away by the content in the book, the book’s title was “The Girl From the Other Side.” Two hours later, she was still glued to the book; I got exhausted and was now sleepy.

“Are you not going to late for work tomorrow sweetheart?” I asked her.

She looked up and said, “Oh! Sorry honey, I forgot to tell you, I took a one month leave.”

“Wow! That is great my dear.” I replied.

“Talking of great, your book is brilliant, I love it dear.” She said.

“Thanks dearest, am glad you like it.” I replied.

“I don’t like it Haman, I love it! I will do all I can to help you publish it, it is so inspiring.” She said.

“Thanks honey. I am now sleepy and tomorrow is a busy day for me.” I said.

She put the book a side, held me tight and we slept on my less than an inch thick mattress, she lay her head on my chest.

In the morning I woke up before her, washed the dishes we had used for supper; that is my one plate and two spoons and the sufurias.

Maureen had bought bread and long life milk before she came; I prepared breakfast and went to shower. I took a cold shower for it always would suit me best. Few minutes later, I was out of the shower, ready to face the day. When I came back, I found Maureen had woken up.

“Morning sunshine? Rise and shine.” I said smiling.

“Morning too handsome. Why did you not wake me up?” She asked yawning.

“Because one, you have no work today, and two, you were sleeping so peacefully, would be rude to wake you my dear.” I said.

“Oh, and I made you breakfast.” I added pouring her a cup of tea.

After she took breakfast, she went to take a shower. My neighbours were now all awake; they stared at her walk into the bathroom like they had seen an Angel from heaven. Maureen did not mind them; she took her shower and got dressed up.

“Today, I am coming with you to work.” Maureen said.

I could not resist since I needed company anyway. We got out of the house and headed for work. On getting to where Maureen used to drop me off, we found her friend waiting for us with Maureen’s car.

“Haman, this is my friend Faith. Faith, this is my guy, Haman.” Maureen introduced us to each other.

I now was sure; Maureen did not only love me but always was not ashamed to be associated with me. It was the best feeling ever.

“Pleasure meeting you Haman. I will drive you guys to town.” Faith said smiling.

We got into the car and drove off. Faith then branched off the road to my working area and was headed towards an estate where only the rich lived.

“Where are you taking us?” I asked now discombobulated.

“It’s okay Darling, I told her to take us somewhere for a few minutes before we go to work.” Maureen said politely.

“Oh! I thought she was kidnapping us!” I said smiling.

They both laughed out loud. We drove for about a mile then branched again at an entrance to a shopping mall.

“What are you two ladies up to?  You want to sell me at a shopping mall?” I asked sarcastically.

“Haha, don’t waste your time, nobody can buy me!” I added now laughing.

They both laughed again then Faith asked;

 “Moh, where did you find this guy? Just twenty minutes and my ribs are now in danger! He is really fun to be with.”

“You asked me why I love him so much, that is just but one of the reasons why I love him.” Maureen told Faith.

“Ladies! Now on a serious note, why are we going to a shopping mall? I am already late for work and today is my peak day.” I said.

“Relax Haman; I know that, I watch you from my office daily so I know the days you are over busy.” Maureen replied.

We went into the mall; as usual I was the odd one out, the center of attraction. Everyone wondered who is this guy was, with faded clothes and in company of two well-dressed ladies, and not just ladies but beautiful ladies. We went to the clothes section and Maureen pulled a black Tuxedo suit.

“Try this one on.” She said giving me the suit.

“Am wearing no suit till you tell me what the occasion is.” I replied.

“Okay, you really hard to surprise, I got you an interview at a much better and bigger newspaper company, the interview is tomorrow.” Maureen said.

“That is why you need this Haman.” She added.

“Ooops! Love that will be a problem. I said.

“But why?” She asked.

“I left my certificates with my friend Kyla. After I lost hopes for ever finding a job I just left them at her place since they were safe there and she lives far away from town. Can’t get there and back in a day.” I said.

“Leave that to me dear, Francis is my very good friend and owes me a favour so you will just need yourself and maybe a chapter of your book, he needs to see how good your book is.” She replied.

Maureen got me five tuxedos but I would not go to work in a tuxedo so I put on my usual faded hustle clothes. An hour later we were at my job place.

Faith was enjoying the company too so she decided to join us at work. After we had arranged the stock on the display desk, Faith found a copy of the draft newspapers I used to do corrections and Word puzzles, she got puzzled.

“Haman you did all these?” She asked.

Before I could answer Maureen said, “I know, right?! The 1st time I saw that I too could not believe it till I watched him do it. He is so good at words my dear.”

“Wow! This is amazing! I have never completed not even a single Jumble game leave alone a word puzzle and you have filled these three already?” Faith said.

“Actually they are more than three.” I said removing a sack under the display table.

Every morning when collecting my newspaper supplies, I would also collect the draft copy I was working on the previous day. Faith could not believe her eyes. I had more than a hundred copies of the drafted newspaper with all Word puzzles filled.

Maureen too was shocked, she never expected that much. I don’t know if it was the two ladies or was it luck; by noon, half of the stock had been bought, even books I never had sold not even a single copy, that day I sold several.

Maureen sent Faith to go grab us some lunch. When we were left with Maureen, I asked her;

“Sweetheart, does your friend work?”

“Yes, she is an accountant at the Laxsmart enterprises.” Maureen answered.

“Wow! And should she not be at work?” I asked.

“She took a leave too, so the three of us will be hunging out a lot.” She said smiling.

Laxsmart Enterprises was one of the biggest companies in town; hanging out with two ladies working in big companies was just but a miracle. Faith was back with packed lunch.

By evening we had sold all my stock, we had to get more. Faith drove us to my supplier’s place; we picked more stock, took it to the store and went out for dinner.


This Story is Courtesy of the Author, George Haman.

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Author: AuthorGeorgeHaman

Writing is not only my talent, gifted to me by God, but also it is my favorite hobby followed by Swimming, Hiking, Adventure and Nature exploration and Cooking. Detective movies are my biggest addiction, music is literary my life.

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