A Son I Never Got to Meet



AUTHOR: George Haman

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By evening we had sold all my stock, we had to get more. Faith drove us to my supplier’s place; we picked more stock, took it to the store and went out for dinner.

I was still in my faded clothes with 5 pairs of Tuxedo suits in the trunk of the car, Maureen tried to convince me to wear one but I refused. We had our dinner and then later on headed for home.

Since the car would not get to my place, Maureen suggested this time we go to her place so that she would drop me off for my interview. I was about to reject her proposal when Faith cut in and now on Maureen’s side. I had no option, I accepted.

Before we drove to her home, we passed by a boutique, Maureen got me some casual clothes. Faith decided to top up and got me some fancy shoes. While at the counter, a man elegantly dressed walked past me to Maureen and said;

“Hello Maureen, do you remember me? We met at the coffeehouse.”

Maureen stared at the guy trying to recall but seemed not to.

“You don’t recall me, Ricky, does that name ring a bell?” The guy said.

“Oh! Hi Ricky, meet my fiancée Haman, and Faith, my best friend.” Maureen said pointing at us.

The guy looked at me in despise, I could see disgust written all over his face but did not care anyway. He faked a smile and asked Maureen;

“Wow, can see you really have changed after I saw you last. How about we grab coffee together maybe on weekend?”

Maureen just smiled and said;

“Am sorry but I got plans with my guy. Was nice meeting you again Ricky but if you don’t mind, I am next at the counter, let me pay my bill please.”

“I can pay for that, come on, how much is it?” Ricky asked.

“Ricky with all due respect, I always pay my bills! So now if you will excuse me….!” Maureen replied with a harsh tone.

I almost laughed out loud was it not that I saw Maureen’s face had changed.

“Babe, are you okay?” I asked her holding her arm.

“Yes love, am fine.” She said, now trying to force a smile.

Ricky felt embarrassed; he walked out of the boutique with his head facing down. That is when I realized how much Maureen would do, how far she would go, just to protect our newly born relationship.

She paid the bill and we drove to her place. On the way, Faith picked up some guy.

“Guys, meet Miche, my fiancé.” Faith said.

Maureen had met him before but for formalities, Faith had to introduce him. Maureen had this beautiful huge mansion, it had two guest rooms and her master bedroom upstairs and three guestrooms on the ground floor.

She had a beautiful dining room and a huge modern kitchen. After the entrance door, was the waiting room then the common room (Sitting Room) then just beside the common room was the dining room which was separated from the kitchen by a wall with a window at the centre.

The window is where food got through in to the dining room from the Kitchen. This was on the right wing of the house. On the left wing, there was a short hall way leading to the three guestrooms on the ground floor.

At Maureen’s house Miche and I had a glass of juice as Faith and Maureen went to prepare supper. Few minutes later, dinner was ready; we all gathered at the dining table, said a prayer and started eating. For dessert, Maureen gave us wine.

I felt like I was in paradise, never had such a meal in my life. Maureen had plenty of wine, Miche and Faith took a glass after another, so did Maureen.

I would have too but I had to be sober for my interview. Alcohol started getting into their heads and before I knew it, Maureen started forcing more wine on me. My efforts to remain the sober one were futile; I joined the club, drunk like never before.

 Maureen and Miche had taken way too much; they lost it and had a blackout. Faith was still a little bit sober.

I took Maureen, carried her to her room, staggering though, then came and helped Faith take Miche to their room. I needed to freshen up so as to b sober again, I took a towel in Maureen’s wardrobe, removed my clothes, wrapped the towel round my waist and went to shower.

On opening the shower room in Maureen’s bedroom, I saw the shower was under repair, I had to use the other guestroom.

I passed by the room Miche and Faith were, the door was open. Faith had changed into her night dress, she saw me pass by with a towel on my waist. I did not bother to lock the guestroom since only Faith was awake and she had seen me go to shower so there was no need of locking myself in the room.

I got in to the shower room, removed the towel, closed the bathroom shier and started humming a song while taking the shower. I was facing away from the door and got carried away by the flow of the water from the shower.

I had preferred the over-head shower to the bathtub since I needed to get sober. The feeling of the warm water cascade down my body was a feeling I never had for long.

I was busy enjoying my shower when someone touched me from behind. I slowly turned and there she was; Faith stood just in front of me, her night dress now getting wet.

The dress started to stick on her body due to the water pouring on her from the shower; I could see her nipples from the dress. Faith smiled at me then came closer and started caressing my chest; I put my arms on my lower waist to cover it up.

Even if I was under alcohol, I was torn between two choices, make her stop, or caress her chest too, (which was pointing twelve o’clock by now). This was really hard for me, on one hand, her touch, her body; they both were driving me crazy.

On the other hand, if I fall into her trap, that will ruin what we have with Maureen.

“I can’t do this Faith.” I said.

“Come one Haman, it’s only me and you. Nobody will ever know.” She replied, now getting rid of her dress.

Men! I was between a rock and a hard service. In front of me is a nude lady, my fiancée’s best friend, wanting us to make out and my fiancée is sleeping drunk on her bed just two rooms away, not made love to her yet.

We started kissing, I was now caressing her; she was really a good kisser. The shower was busy raining on us as we kissed and touched, it made it more romantic.

Faith had a chest hard to resist touching, her body was that of a curvy bottle. I was about to lift her up on the bathroom counter, where one would put their makeup and other things of the sort and also do shaving, when I felt guilt strike my conscious.

I pushed her away and said, “Faith this should not be happening, am sorry for the kissing. You are drunk, I was drunk too.”

By now I was sober again. I left her in the shower room and walked out. Just before I was out of the main room she called me and said,

“Haman I am sorry for what has happened. I just could not help it, I saw your chest when you passed by our room and it drove me crazy.

“It’s okay Faith, best thing is we just kissed and nothing much. This should never happen again.” I replied and walked out.

I went and got dressed up for bed. Was about to switch off the lights when Faith Knocked on the door, Maureen was still asleep. I opened up and there she was, all dressed up, now a bit sober.

“Haman, I don’t want you living with guilt because of me, take this.” She said handing over some white small tablet.

“What is this? I asked

“That is a pill that will help u forget what happened. It will wipe off your memory of the last three hours. She said as she threw her tab in the mouth and swallowed it.

I thought it was another prank to get me to sleep with her so I threw mine in the mouth and hid it under my tongue. About fifteen minutes later while standing there watching her, Faith asked me;

 “Hey Haman, have you seen Miche?”

Whaaaat! The tab was working! By now I had already removed mine from the mouth and threw it away.

Faith would remember only up to the time they left Miche and I and went to cook with Maureen.

“Miche is sleeping in the next room Faith. Don’t wake him up, he said he is exhausted.” I told her, now perplexed by the capabilities of that drug.

“Thank you Haman, have a good night, and be nice to Maureen, she is a sweet angel.” Faith said and left.

“Good night too Faith.” I replied.

I went back to the room, lay on the bed and started thinking, what was that drug? Where did Faith get it? Should I take it too or should I live with the little dirty secret??

I lay there getting no answers to my numerous questions. I could not get sleep so I got my phone and started playing a football game, I loved football, but not like I was starting to love Maureen.

I played the game, got bored, started going through Maureen’s photos in her Album, she had beautiful pictures.

I started playing a word puzzle game in the phone called Jumble.

I had played for about an hour when I started to hear whispers.

 I stopped playing and listened more carefully. At first I thought it was Maureen dreaming but when I listened closer, I heard the whispers, now a bit more clear.

The whispers were coming from the next room, the room where Miche and Faith were. I stopped paying more attention and continued with my game. After about ten minutes, I heard Faith start to produce funny voices like one who was being chased, then followed sounds like that sound of a slap.

Well, yes, it was what I thought, babies were being made. I thought Maureen was deep asleep but I was shocked when she asked,

“Honey, is that Faith and Miche am hearing?”

“Yea love, it’s them.” I replied.

“For how long have you been awake?” I added.

“Not for long, just woke up when you stepped on me getting the photo album.” She replied.

I was relieved she heard nothing we said with Faith. It was around 2am; Maureen held me around my waist and then came crosser. She started kissing my cheeks then went to my lips. At least this time I was not as naive as before; I kissed her back.

She removed my T-shirt and with one hand started caressing my chest; the other hand was on my head, slowly rubbing it around my hair. She then got on top of me, I removed her top. (When I brought her to sleep, I only had removed her bra, the rest of her clothes she was wearing during the day, she still was in them.)

I started to caress her as we kissed. One thing led to the other and the other led to the next and Maureen too was making sounds similar to those been made by Faith. I can’t recall the times but all I recall is when I looked at the watch it was quarter to six, my interview was to be at 8.

I got off bed, went to the kitchen and made Toasts for everyone. I was about to make coffee when Maureen came in.

“Come on love, you making me look lazy! I will do the rest go shower.” She said.

“How about we cook together hun? I love cooking so you like it or not am going nowhere till breakfast is ready!” I replied smiling.

“Okay then stubborn one, sit over there and keep me company.” She said.

“Mmmh! That sounds much better now, that I can do my love.” I said.

I sat there watching and admiring her as she made the remaining part of breakfast.  Even with shaggy hair, Maureen was still beautiful. Breakfast was ready and I helped her set the dining table and also take the breakfast to the dining table.

“Faith and Miche, breakfast is ready.” Maureen shouted.

“We coming sweetheart.” Faith shouted back.

They came down, joined us and sat around the table. We joined hands, said a morning prayer and took our breakfast. I had never thought one day I would wake up to such a heavy breakfast. Maureen and I went to take a shower together. We took eternity in there, playing in the bathtub like little babies.

By around seven o’clock, everyone was ready. Faith really loved driving so as usual she was the one with the car keys. We dropped Miche by his office and then proceeded to the newspaper company for my interview.

It was a different company, not the one I used to sell for newspapers, this one had a larger market demand and was loved more by people.

My interviewer was Francis, Maureen’s friend. I had decided to carry a few copies of the newspaper drafts I used to do corrections and word puzzles and just few pages of my book.

Francis was mesmerized by my work; I got the job even without academic papers. I was the new assistant editor of the ‘WestHome Newspaper Company’.

My salary was not huge as such but was far much better than what I was getting from my hustle. I had to quit my vending of the other newspaper but instead of just closing up with new stock unsold, I gave a friend the business to run as his own.

I introduced him to my supplier and also to the newspaper company as their new dealer. I reported to work officially the following day, transformed from a faded clothes hustle guy to a tuxedos guy.

My belongings at the slums, I shared them amongst my neighbours and left each some money, I had to rent a house in town now that I had a salary and I could afford to pay rent.

My job at WestHome was to proofread the newspapers and create word puzzles for the paper so I wasn’t busy as such. Maureen and Faith would come to hangout in my office; we would go out for lunch together and back to the office after lunch.

They would help me come up with word puzzles and also gave me company. One morning, the two had gone out shopping and the car broke down so they were stuck, could not make it to my office because they had to take care of the car.

I was bored that day so I texted Maureen and told her I want to take her out for a date.

“Hey love, wear your best dress tonight am taking you for a date, meet me at The Breeze Resort and Spa at 8 O’clock in the evening.” That was the message I sent.

After work, I went to my new apartment, took a shower to freshen up, wore my best suit and of course used some spray to smell sweet. I took a cab to the Resort, I was fifteen minutes late. I forgot to charge my phone, the battery died.

Just after driving for like a mile and a half, we got stuck on traffic, there was an accident ahead of us. I had not put Maureen’s number to my head so there was no way I could borrow a phone to call her.

By the time we were out of the long, snail moving traffic jam, it was already half past nine. I got at the Resort at ten o’clock, I met Maureen super pissed off at me; she was on her way out.

“Baby I am sorry!” I said.

“Save your apologies Haman, I already called Faith to pick me up.” She said.

“Hear me out first love. I was stuck in traffic for more than an hour, watch the news, there was an accident on the road I used to get here!” I said pointing at the Television which was covering the accident.

When she saw the news she relaxed and politely said;

“You kept me waiting for two hours hunie!”

“Am sorry love, but I am here now, let me make it up to you hun?” I said smiling.

We walked back to the reserved table and sat down. I called the Restaurant manager, her name was Anita.

“Excuse me Ma’am; can I talk to you for a moment please?” I said.

Anita looked at me and came to my table and said;

“Good evening sir, my name is Anita, I am the restaurant manager; how may I be of help to you please?”

“I would like a bottle of champagne, at least five years old, please?”

Anita called over one of her waiters and handed over the order. Just then Faith walked in to the restaurant.

“Ma’am, we might need an extra glass please.” I told Anita.

Faith looked worried; she spotted our table and came over.

“You sounded mad dear, is everything okay?” She asked Maureen.

“Yes am fine dear, was just a misunderstanding.” Maureen replied.

“Talking of misunderstandings, Haman where is your phone?” Faith asked.

“Yea, babe why are you offline?” Maureen added.

“I forgot to charge it, babe you know am not yet used to phones. Its battery died while in the cab before I was caught up in the traffic; that is why I did not call to say I will be late. I take full fall for that hun, my bad, am sorry.” I said.

The waiter then came with our order and since I was the host, I did the wine tasting.

“I love it, go ahead and serve it.” I told the waiter.

The waiter served the ladies first, starting with my queen then Faith then me.

“Wow! Champagne, what are we celebrating? Are you guys going to get engaged today?” Faith asked smiling.

“Nothing big, just our love and my new job. I am celebrating my Maureen.” I replied.

We started enjoying the wine though I could see tension in Maureen. That month she had spent much already. I could read it in her eyes; she thought I could not meet the bills. After the glass was empty, I took the menu and started going through it.

“Ladies, what are you having for dinner?” I asked.

They made their order and I made mine too. I now could see frustration in Maureen’s face. We took our dinner, it was almost 12 midnight. The waiter came with the bill and placed it on the table.

Maureen looked at me, I smiled confidently. She took the bill and could not hide her shock.

“We ate this much?” She asked

“How much is it?” I asked.

She passed the bill over to me; I looked at it and smiled. I then got out a credit card and gave the waiter to swipe. Maureen now got puzzled.

Before she could ask anything, I said to her;

“Babe, you have done so much for me. The little profit I used to make daily, I would bank half of it. You remember our last sale at my business? We made a huge profit, I oversaw my target by far and that is the money I am treating you with. Actually I already paid for your car love, I already cleared the outstanding balance, you can pick it up anytime.”



This Story is Courtesy of the Author, George Haman.

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