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……..Just then the doctor came back, his name was Gully, he looked at me sympathetically and said, “Am sorry Haman but the boss says for you to get the operation done you need to pay a deposit of at least 40, 000.”

 His words cut down inside me like a sword; there was no way I could raise 40000 on a hospital bed with two bullets in my body. I lay down tears starting to build up then I heard someone tap me softly, I looked up and saw Maureen smiling at me, she really had a beautiful smile.

“How are you feeling Ham?” Maureen asked

“I don’t know how I am feeling anymore Maureen!” I replied

“But why say that Haman? All will be alright, I promise.” She said, now looking at me with Kind eyes.

“The hospital wants 40K deposit for my surgery, I can barely afford paying rent, I just have to lie here and wait for my time.” I replied now almost crying.

“Don’t worry about that Haman; I paid for your surgery in full. You will be heading in into the theatre any time from now.” She said, smiling.

Before I could say thank you, Grace came and said;

“Haman, it’s time for you to go in to the theatre, the doctors are ready.”

An hour later my surgery was done and both bullets removed. I was to stay in the hospital for a day or two then get discharged.

When I was brought out of the Theatre, I found Maureen waiting anxiously at the waiting bay.  She was very excited when she saw me; I could see tears of joy cascade down her soft cheeks. I tried my best to put a smile but the pain was too much, I was taken to a ward.

Maureen came in to the ward; I looked at her and said,

“Thank you so much, I owe you my life Moh.”

“No, you owe me nothing Haman, I was just saying thank you for saving my life and taking the Bullets for me.  Were it not for you, I would have been shot in the head and died, Thank You Haman.” Maureen replied.

A week later I was back to my job, by now we were close friends with Maureen. During lunch break she would come with packed lunch and we eat together then she would return to her office. In the evening after work she would keep me company till I close my business.

This went on for a week but I could not let Maureen see where I lived hence she would give me a ride and drop me off at some point, I wait till she was gone then I would walk to the slums.

It was on a Monday, as usual we had lunch together and in the evening after work Maureen came over. We chilled at my business spot chatting stories till it was time to go home, my place was just a twenty minutes’ walk.

“Today I want to go with you to your place.” Maureen said. These words got me by surprise, I could not let Maureen come over to the slums; her class was way too high to be loitering in the stinking slums.

I had a very thin 3 by 6 mattress on the floor and my cube could barely fit something else other than my Campus suit case, a cooking stove and a few cutlery, by a few I mean, one plate, one cup, two spoons and two sufurias and a cooking stick.

I could not picture in my mind a lady who is driving coming to such a place!


“Maureen dear, you cannot get to my place; the road is too small only bikes operate there.” I replied.

“That’s not a problem, my car is at the garage; today I came by public means.” She said smiling.

“Oh! I didn’t know that. But also, you are not safe there; you can be attacked because no one who lives there dresses fancy clothes and shoes.” I told her.

Maureen tried to insist she wants to visit my place but no way on earth this could happen, not while am living in the slums. She gave up insisting and said to me;

“Okay then, since you don’t want me to your place, let me buy you dinner today. Please don’t say no to this one too.”

Well, I couldn’t turn her down twice, I accepted her offer. She took me to some fancy restaurant around my working spot; I never had been to such a beautiful place.

Everyone was looking at me, I was the odd one out, no fancy clothes, no fancy shoes, the only fancy thing I had was Maureen. Everyone wondered how such a beautiful rich lady could end up with a guy like me, a guy who can barely live like a normal human.

The restaurant had seats at the backyard, we went to the backyard, had our dinner and after dinner I took my new best friend to get a cab home. After she was safe in the cab, I started my journey to my humble cube, (Does not deserve to be called a house anyway).

I had walked a few meters when three men, just out of nowhere came and grabbed me, I could not struggle much since I was not fully healed my bullet scars.

Two of the men held my arms and pinned me to the ground, the third man started kicking me telling me to give them all the money the Lady I was with gave me. I was used to such kind of guys so I just let them kick me all they want but would never give them not even a single penny. The guy kicking me then drew a knife from his jacket.

Blows, I would swallow the pain, but a knife, hell no! I was about to get them the money from where I had hidden it when I saw someone with a flashlight approaching us, the guys ran away. The guy approaching was a cop, he was my friend; his name was Evance.

“Are you okay Ham?” Officer Evance asked.

“Not really, those idiots hit my bullet wounds man.” I replied struggling to get up.

Evance helped me get up, he then helped me walk towards the place I called home. We were not far from the slums when we met with two of my neighbours and good friends too, Betty and Precious. I told Evance I was safe with these two, they would get me home safely.

“Okay, take care you three; let me go for my patrols.” Evance said handing me over to Precious and Betty.

My face had now started swelling, I could feel blood on my T-shirt too, I was bleeding from the wounds I had been shot. A few minutes later, we were at home.

“Let me dress your wound Ham.” Betty said.

I let her dress my wounds and since I already had taken supper, I slept. In the morning I woke up late, I drugged myself to work. I arrived about three hours later than my usual arrival time; I had a hoodie to cover my face since it was swollen on one side.

I had just been there for about three hours when Maureen came, as usual with packed lunch. I did not hug her as I used to, I was in a dull mood.

“Are you okay Haman?” She asked.

“Yes am fine dear.” I replied trying to hide my face.

I had never been in a hoodie so Maureen suspected I was hiding something. She pulled down the hoodie and on seeing my face, she exclaimed;

“Oh My goodness!! Who did this to you?”

“It’s nothing my dear, I will be okay.” I replied trying to cut off the conversation.

“I insist Haman, tell me what happened!” She said, now with a more serious voice.

“Okay, yesterday after you left I was attacked by three thugs. They saw you give me money so followed me to snatch it, you now see why I didn’t want you at my place? You will not be safe there.” I told her trying to change the story.

“You need to see a Doctor Haman.” Maureen said.

“No, it’s nothing serious dear, I will be fine.” I replied.

Lunch time was over and Maureen had to go back to the office. I was left doing my usual thing, filling in the word puzzles and making corrections on the newspaper drafts for the following day. Time seemed to go so slow, I was really bored. Eventually Maureen was out of the office and came direct to my working spot.

“Close up Haman, am taking you to see a Doctor.” She said.

“I am going to no hospital dear. I told you I am fine.” I replied.

“Hand me over that book on your left.” She said.

I could not stretch out my left hand due to pain; I turned and took the book with my right hand.

“No Haman, not that one, the other one, and use your left hand.” Maureen said.

“Haha! Why are you so beautiful and smart too?” I asked her laughing.

“You can’t fool me my dear.” She replied smiling.

“Okay, I will go with you to the Doctor but under one condition.” I said

“I am listening, which Condition?” She asked.

“You are not taking me home.” I replied.

She smiled and agreed to my terms. She helped me pack up my stock and we closed the business. It was around 5 O’clock in the evening, we kept the books in a store where we would all put our stock, (All who were in my line of work along that street).

We had just finished locking up the store when I turned and from far sported the guy who was beating me up the previous night. I recognized him from his Jacket.

“Hey! Maureen, where is your car?” I asked her.

“It’s just across the streets. Why did you ask?” She replied.

“Go get it, now!” I told her.

Maureen rushed to get the car. I did not want this guy to see us together again since I knew not who he was or what he was capable of. He spotted me and started following me, I had to get him as far away from Maureen as possible. I had just taken the 1st corner when I met with Officer Evance and his partner, Officer Phil.




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Author Ham.

Author: AuthorGeorgeHaman

Writing is not only my talent, gifted to me by God, but also it is my favorite hobby followed by Swimming, Hiking, Adventure and Nature exploration and Cooking. Detective movies are my biggest addiction, music is literary my life.

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