A Son I Never Got to Meet



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“Yes Jackie, I don’t want what happened to affect our relation at work. You are a nice Secretary, am not ready to lose you.” I replied smiling.

Jackie hugged me tight, now feeling much relief. We finished washing the dishes and went to complete our movie.

Jackie wanted to leave so she asked to be shown to the shower, I had already fixed the heater it was now working. I showed her to the shower, got her a towel and soap and started walking away to let her shower, I was still shirtless.

Jackie grabbed my hand and pulled me to the shower. She closed the door and things happened in there. She later left and promised to be visiting more often. She had just disappeared when I saw Maureen’s car approach from far.

I rushed back to the house, locked the door, switched off the TV and kept my phone on silent mode. I then sat down on the seat, all quiet.

I then recalled she had my key too so I quickly got off the seat, rushed through my back door to the balcony. I sure was not ready to face her yet; I would do something I would live to regret if I met her at this time.

I quickly jumped to my neighbour’s balcony, there was a lander which was being used by guys repainting the apartments, I quickly climbed down.

On reaching to the ground, I peeped and saw Maureen and Faith come out of Maureen’s car. I waited for them to get up to my door; then I walk out of the gate. Soon they were at my house, standing outside the door. She knocked calling out my name but did not get any answer.

I was now feeling despise for her, did not want to ever see her. She unlocked the house and they got in. I rushed past the gate and vanished. After some distance of walking, I reached my pockets to get my phone and call Alex; I was in for a rude shock! I forgot my phone on the table!

I thought of going back to the house to prevent Maureen from accessing it but then remembered I had changed the unlock security to fingerprint so only me could unlock it. I walked aimlessly, not knowing where to go. I then met with Alex, he looked exhausted.

“Are you okay bro?” I asked.

“Yes! I am good Ham. Just a little tired.” Alex said.

“You left her in the house?” He asked.

“Who?” I asked pretending not to know whom he was talking about.

“Your sec!” He said smiling.

“You are so evil Alex, she left. Actually right now am evading the traitor.” I said, trying to change the topic.

“Wait! Maureen came over?!” He asked now looking shocked.

“Yeah, and just like I had her key, she got mine too. I saw her coming and got out via the balcony.”

Alex started Laughing, I was not sure whether to join him and start laughing or should I pity myself.

“The devil is a liar, I forgot my phone there so I have to go back but I don’t know how!” I added

“I can help you out brother.” Alex said.

“Help me how?” I asked him, now curious.

“Follow me Ham.” Alex said.

I followed him, not knowing where we were headed to, I kind of trusted Alex. We were headed to my house.

“Why are you taking me back to the house?” I asked Alex, now stopping.

“Watch and learn brother, just follow my lead.” Alex said.

I followed him all the way to the house, it was my house so I did not knock; I just went in. I found Maureen seated on the sofa holding my phone, Faith was next to her.

“Where have you been Haman? And why did you leave your phone?” She asked pretending to be angry.

“He was out with friends.” Alex replied before I could.

“So he left his phone?” She asked.

“Yes, it was a team building exercise hence the rule was, no phones and any kind of disruption.” Alex said.

Alex was this guy, so perfect in his lies and so serious when lying, you would never know that he was lying. My phone then rang, it was Francis.

“Hello Sir, how do you do?” I said, answering the call.

“Am fine Haman, just called to tell you the book is already selling, it has a high demand.”

This was the best news I ever received that week. I walked to the fridge, took a beer and gave Alex then went to my room. I lay on the bed trying to get some sleep but could not sleep. Maureen then walked in, every time I looked at her, I would see the image of her and her boss so I faced down.

“Are you okay Haman? You are acting weird.” She said.

“I am fine, just tired. I need to rest.” I said, still not looking at her.

“I can massage you, it will help you relax.” She said.

“No thank you. Sleep is all I need, did not sleep well last night so please if you don’t mind!” I said.

She sat there quietly then after a few minutes, she left the room. I texted Alex and told him to keep an eye on them then I slept. I woke up two hours later, walked to my sitting room and found the three feasting on my beer.

“Oh! You are finally awake huh?” Maureen asked.

I ignored her, went to the kitchen, took milk and some readymade cereals, mixed them in a serial bowl and ate.

“Ham, we thought of sleeping over since tomorrow is on a Sunday and I was busy yesterday, I could not make it to come over.” Maureen said.

‘Yeah, you were busy with your boss, you could barely remember to untie your dog, how could you remember me!’ I whispered to myself.

“About that! I already had made plans with Alex, we are travelling somewhere tonight.” I said, looking at Alex.

“Yea, sorry ladies but we have a trip tonight.” Alex added.

This guy was one friend I really loved to hang out with, ever smart when it comes to cover-ups.

“Trip to where?” Maureen asked.

All this time Faith sat there quiet, guilt eating her up like some desert black ants.

“We are going to visit an old friend, he has a marriage anniversary party tomorrow morning; in the afternoon we attend a business summit so it’s a business trip which we will pass by an old friend’s place.” Alex replied to Maureen’s question.

“What time are you leaving?” Maureen asked.

“In two hours’ time.” Alex said, looking at his watch.

“When will you be back?” She asked.

“Monday Morning.” I answered before Alex could.

Monday I had to report to work so I had to make the lie perfect.

“Monday I will be busy, so maybe I see you on Tuesday.” Maureen said.

It was not like her to be busy, she had never been that busy before so I joined the dots and knew what she meant. It was 4 o’clock, we had to fake our trip; I went and packed a small travel bag. Thirty minutes to six we left the house, Maureen and Faith got to their car and drove away.

Alex and I got into my car and went to Alex’s place. I had to camp at his place till Monday morning. On Monday, we drove to work from Alex’s home, each of us in his own car. After arriving to my office, I found my office had been partitioned like I had requested.

I met with Jackie on the stairs, she smiled at me and I smiled back. We greeted each other like nothing had happened between us.

“I see you partitioned the office” she said.

“Yes dear, am sorry but your dressing would kill me, I would not concentrate.” I said smiling.

“I guess by now you know why.” I added.

“I understand Ham.” She said chuckling.

We went to the office, did our jobs like we never knew each other. At noon, Francis came in to my office, he was holding an envelope. He gave me the envelope and said;

“That’s the sales so far.”

I opened the envelope and found a bank mini-statement. In my account I had thousands of money deposited, It was the sales from my book.

“Did you deduct the 30%?” I asked Francis.

“Yes, deposited 10% to the Company’s account and 20% was distributed as requested.” He said.

“Thank you sir.” I said.

Francis was old enough to be my father; he just had a strong body. He stared at me for some time then said;

“Haman, I have no children, I own this Company but I was worried what will happen to it once I am gone.” He then kept silent and watched my reaction.

“I don’t understand, sir, what do you mean?” I asked, now confused.

“You are like a son to me Haman and that is why I had your book distributed by my company for free. You proved me right when you gave back 30% to the society and my company, you have a golden heart.” He said and kept quiet for some time.

“I have a surprise for you Haman.” He added.

I then saw a guy walk to Jackie, told her something and left, few minutes later Jackie left the office.

“Follow me Haman.” Mr. Francis said.

I followed him, we headed for the staff’s conference hall; every employee was in the hall. We walked to the stage with Francis; he picked up a mic and said;

“Thank You all for coming. I have an announcement to make, you all me have your seats.”

Everyone took their seats and after it was all quiet he added,

“For many years, I have been running this company. I am now growing old; I need someone to help me run it. I personally have no children so I did not know whom to choose until one day I saw in the news, a brave young Man who took bullets to save a lady he did not know.”

“He caught my attention and I started learning about him; that is when I found out that he was a hardworking newspaper vender. They became friends with the lady and the lady was my friend, she once helped me seal a deal for this company.” He said then kept quiet and looked at the employees.

“Through the Lady, I was able to offer the young man a job here. He surprised me with his eloquence in his speech. As if not enough, he had a copy of a book he had written and copies of drafts of newspapers he used to do editing.

I was mesmerized by his work so I made him the assistant editor. I have been observing him since then and today I stand in front of you all to announce the new director of WestHome Newspaper Company, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Mr. Haman.” He said clapping his hands.

I could not believe my ears, I was the new Director of the company! This was a dream come true. Everyone clapped and started cheering, chanting my name.

I walked to the stand and said;

“The Managing Director, Mr. Francis, all protocols observed, good afternoon?”

“Good afternoon too.” They all replied in unison.

“To be honest these news got me by surprise, I never expected such good news. I pledge before you all that it will be my top priority to take this company to greater heights. Thank you Sir for entrusting the company unto my hands, I will never disappoint you.” I said.

They all clapped again cheering. The meeting was over and they returned to their work stations. I went with Francis to his office, signed a couple of documents and he put me up to speed with what was expected of me.

“Welcome to your new office.” He said smiling.

 He then gave me the key to the office.

“Haman, I believe I made the right choice picking you to run the company after me, Make me proud son.” Francis said as he was exiting the office.

He then stopped, turned and said;

“When I was your age, I was just but a mare distribution manager, I worked hard and this company is the fruit of my hard work. I am entrusting my whole lifetime investment, my legacy, unto your hands Haman. You are more of a son to me, I see potential in you, just don’t mix business with friendship son. Those are two things that can never mix.” He said.

“You are like a father to me Sir; I will work day and night to maintain your legacy.” I replied.

“Am not telling you not to have friends, all I meant son was, do not bring friendship into business.” He said and walked out.

I sat there digesting his words; I then took the office phone and asked for Alex. Few minutes later Alex walked in to my new office.

“Man! All this space for you??! He said amazed by the size of the office.

“Alex, I called you here for serious business. We are friends yes but in here, it is work please.” I said with a serious tone.

“Am Sorry Sir.” Alex said now getting serious.

I liked this guy because when it was fun time, he was super fun and when it was business time, it was strict business.

“I have read your file Alex and I think you qualify for a new post. Congratulations my friend, you are the new owner of my previous office.” I said handing him the key to my other office.

“Thank you sir. I am really humbled.” Alex said, taking the key.

“You are welcome Alex. Now, go back to work. All files are on the desk, I believe by now you know how the office works.” I said

“Yes Sir, I do know my new job description.” Alex said then stood up and started walking towards the door.

“Alex.” I called.

“Yes Sir?” He stopped and responded.

“Besides being my friend, I trust you and have faith in your work, make me proud.” I said.

“I will Sir.” He said then walked out.

Just then Francis walked in wearing a huge smile on his face. He walked to where I was seated and said;

“That was incredible son.”

“I don’t get you sir, what do you mean?” I asked.

“I forgot my passport in the safe, when coming back to get it, I saw Alex walk in and I stood at the door listening. You are a true born leader Haman, I am proud of you.” Francis said.

He then walked to the safe, opened it and got his documents. He left the safe empty.

“I have reset the safe’s code to default so you will have to set your own code.” He said.

“Sir, are you travelling?” I asked.

“Yes Haman, I am going for vacation abroad.” He said smiling and left.

He had showed me everything about the company which I would require help with, so I was now fit to run the company. I was going through some files when my attention was drawn by a piece of a hospital paper.

I read it and that was when I discovered Francis was not going for a vacation, he was going for treatment, he was sick. I took the phone, rang the reception and called for Jackie; she came in a few minutes later.

“You sent for me sir?”

“Yes Jackie, I wanted to tell you that I am considering promoting you from a secretary to my new Personal Assistant.” I said.

“That over there will be your new desk.” I said pointing at a desk near the other window of the office.

“Thank you sir; let me get my files.” She said.

She went and later came with her files; I assigned someone else to be Alex’s secretary.

It was just a few minutes to noon when the lady working at the reception outside my office came in and said;

“Sir there is a stubborn lady who wants to see you. She has no appointment but she said she is not leaving until she talks to you.”

“Which lady? I asked

“She says her name is Maureen Sir.” The receptionist said.

I smiled and said;

 “It’s okay, let her in.”

Maureen walked in holding the Cheque.

“What is the meaning of all this Haman? I have to get an appointment for me to see my boyfriend now because he is running the company?” She asked with an angry tone.

“I told you, consider that Cheque as my appreciation for all you did for me Maureen.” I replied calmly, ignoring her second question.

Jackie excused herself and wanted to leave but I stood up and said;

“Jackie, you are going nowhere, sit down! You are now a part of this, today is the day I have been waiting for. I saw you with your boss Maureen.” I said.

She looked at me shocked; I could see tension in her eyes.

“Is holding hands wrong Haman?” She asked.

“Oh! Not talking about that. Club Blend, does that name ring a bell to you?” I asked; she now was in more shock.

“You were at the club too that night? It was just a business thing.” She said trying to be calm.

“Oh! Really?” I asked smiling

“You don’t believe me?” She asked with a guilty voice.

“I wish I could believe you Moh.” I said

“Why don’t you call Faith and ask her.” She said.

“Oh! You mean, I call your partner in crime? What makes you think I would believe her either? I asked

“Haman, nothing happened that night, I promise.” She said.

“If by nothing you mean pizza in bed with your boss then I believe my understanding of the term ‘nothing’ is wrong.” I said

Maureen was now in shock, tears started running down her cheeks.

“You saw that?” She asked now feeling shame.

“Yes Maureen, I saw how you gave yourself to him. Oh! Faith was next door so I saw her as well.” I replied.

“Haman it was the influence of alcohol. I am sorry!” She said crying

“It’s too late for that Maureen; I gave you humble time to confess to me. Don’t you dare blame alcohol on your despicable actions, you really were enjoying it. I believe you were very sober when I saw you two holding hands at work.” I said, with lots of bitterness in my voice.

“Haman you can’t leave me, not after all I have done for you!” She said.

“About that, Mr. Francis told me everything. He was the one behind me getting the job, your part was just to convince me to accept the offer, no wonder they did not ask for my academic papers. I wrote you that Cheque to refund your money which you spent on me.” I said.

“Haman please, I want to be with you.” She shouted crying.

“How I wish I would say the same to you but you already betrayed what we had. Someone else now owns what was yours Maureen. Let us go for lunch Jackie.” I said, now looking at Jackie.

Maureen left the office wiping off her tears, we then left after her with Jackie to go and have lunch.

The rest part of the day went as usual, everything was normal. I changed my phone to avoid calls from Maureen. Three months later, I told Jackie to accompany me upcountry. It was almost two years since I had visited my homeland.

Jackie accepted my request and accompanied me, we bought them different gifts. I met the homestead had changed, they had built huge houses. Every end of the month after I got a job, I would send some money home; I was so happy to see what they did with the money.

There was a house which was not complete yet, I ordered for materials to complete it and cleared all standing bills. I then bought two goats and organized a party, for the whole family to celebrate together. During the party, I had to do what everyone was awaiting, introduce Jackie.

I stood up, put off the music, greeted them all, (we had invited a couple of friends over, including Alex.), I smiled, held Jackie’s hand and helped her get up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the lady I love. She has helped me discover the inner me and I would not be telling a lie when I say I love her.”

Both Alex and Jackie were shocked; I could read it in their eyes. Jackie never saw that coming, she just could not believe it.

Everyone then introduced themselves and the party went on. Early the following day we had to travel back to the city for it was a work day. (We traveled over weekend.)

Alex came using public means since his car was being serviced so we gave him a ride back.

We were busy talking about me and Jackie when the car got a puncture; it was around 4 am in the morning. It was in the middle of the highway, the only light was from my car, the place was scary quiet.

I got out to check out what had happened to the tire when I heard some noises in the bush nearby .

I grabbed a flashlight from the car and quickly checked where the noises were coming from. That was then I saw spikes in front of me, it was not just a puncture, it was a set up.

Five men wearing masks jumped out of the bushes and attacked me; their leader had a knife.

Two held me; then the other two grabbed Jackie out of the car, their leader stood in front of me. Alex had hidden himself with the front seat since he was seated at the back, they did not see him; it was like they expected we would be Jackie and I alone.

“So what is so special about you that we were told not to hurt you?” Their leader asked.

I kept quiet; he hit my belly with his shoe. He then went to Jackie and started moving the knife on her face.

“She looks delicious.” He said grabbing her chest.

“Don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on her.” I said, now anger getting the better part of me.

He cut open her top and was about to do the same to her trouser wen I now lost my temper. I hit one of the guys holding me with my leg on his toes, then hit the other right on his balls and rushed to stop their leader.

By accident he stabbed me right through my right lower rib. Jackie on seeing that, she took a bite on the hand of the guy holding her right side, knocked the other on her left right into his eyes, got off her shoe and hit the guy who stabbed me on his head.

The guy turned and stabbed her twice in the stomach. This made me burn with anger; I grabbed the knife from his hands and stabbed him continuously on the chest.

Alex came out of the car and knocked out one of the guy who was about to inject me with some colorless substance on my back. He took the syringe and injected the guy who was poked in the eyes by Jackie.

The two guys who held me ran into the bushes after they saw their leader lying dead on the highway and Alex had captured the other two.

There was no way Jackie and I would make it to the hospital by road. I took my phone and dialed Officer Phil’s number, I was lucky she was awake. After rescuing me in the warehouse saga and finding out her partner was a traitor, she was promoted to a Captain.

“Hello Ham, should you not be sleeping?” She asked.

“How I wish it was not beside a cold highway watching my lady die.” I said.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Phil, on our way back from upcountry, we were attacked and stabbed. We might need to be airlifted.”

I gave Phil the location we were at and hanged up the call, Jackie made me end the call. She was bleeding too much, I needed to slow the bleeding, I cared less about my bleeding. I grabbed my jacket from the car and put pressure on her cuts.

Alex came with his scurf and we tired tight the jacket around her stomach. I was now becoming weak since I too was losing blood.

Before I could get to the car I passed out. I later woke up in a private hospital; I had a bandage around my rib, that’s when I could feel the pain. Alex then walked into the room.

“Where am I Alex?” I asked.

“You are safe Haman; someone recommended this hospital for both of you.” He said calmly.

“Where is Jackie?” I asked.

“Her cuts were severe, she is undergoing surgery but she will be okay, the doctors are doing all they can bro.”  He replied.

Just then Phil walked into the room; she was holding a police report.

“Hello guys, I would like to speak to Haman alone please.” She said.

“Phil, it is okay, he knows everything, he can stay and hear what you have to say, I owe him my life.” I told Phil.

“Okay, when you called you said you were with your girlfriend, right?” She asked.

“Yes, I was, and was with Alex too.” I told her.

“According to our reports, the guys were sent by your girlfriend.” She said.

“Wait! What?! No Phil, Jackie would never do that!” I said

“Jackie is your girlfriend?!” She asked shocked.

“Oh! Right! You meant Maureen. She is my ex.” I said now connecting what she meant.

“Well, I thought she was still your girlfriend.” Phil said.

“Not anymore, we broke up.” I said.

“The two guys arrested confessed, they said Maureen sent them to Kidnap you then Kill the other lady you were with, I suppose, your new fiancée. We have Maureen in custody.” She said.

“Phil, do me a favour, make sure you throw her to a cell and throw away the key, let her rot in there. She almost had me killed, after taking two bullets for her.” I said.

Phil wished me quick recovery and left. I now could stand but with support. I asked Alex to help me walk around.

We then met with the doctor from the surgery.

“Doc, how is she?” I asked.

The doctor looked at me with sympathetic eyes and said;

“We were able to stabilize her condition but I am sorry, we lost him.”

“Him? What do you mean you lost him doc?” I asked, now confused.

“Oh! She had not told you yet?” The doctor asked.

“Told me what?” I asked with curiosity.

“She was three months and two weeks pregnant. She had a baby boy growing inside her; he died before she arrived at the hospital, nothing we could have done. My heartfelt condolences, now if you will excuse me, I need to be back to the theatre.” The doctor said and walked away.



NB: This Story is purely the imaginary of the author (George Haman) and it contains a few scenes of his true life story. The author used his name as the main character butmuch of  the events occurring in the story are just but fiction from the author’s creativity; only selected few scenes are a true story.


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Author: AuthorGeorgeHaman

Writing is not only my talent, gifted to me by God, but also it is my favorite hobby followed by Swimming, Hiking, Adventure and Nature exploration and Cooking. Detective movies are my biggest addiction, music is literary my life.


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