A Son I Never Got to Meet



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………….”Babe, you have done so much for me. The little profit I used to make daily, I would bank half of it. You remember our last sale at my business? We made a huge profit, I oversaw my target by far and that is the money I am treating you with. Actually I already paid for your car love, I already cleared the outstanding balance, you can pick it up anytime.”

She smiled and said, “Thanks love. I just spent a little more than my usual this month.”

“Babe, Faith, I have something to tell you two.” I said smiling.

“What is it?” They asked in unison.

“I have already published the 1st phase of my book, Francis had a friend by the name Bernard; he owned a publishing company.  Courtesy of Francis, Bernard published my book at a fair price. I have only six chapters remaining and the book will be fully published.” I said.

“Wow! Babe that is really good news! Am proud of you love.” Maureen said.

“I now see why champagne. Congratulations Haman, make sure the first two copies are ours.” Faith added smiling.

“I sure will give you two the first copies of the book.” I replied

It was past midnight, we had to go home; I had just stood up when it started raining heavily.

Maureen suggested we just wait for the rain to subsidies then we leave, her wish was always my command. We sat there giving stories. Just then a man walked in and caught everyone’s attention. He had a black raincoat, a black hut and wore black gloves in his palms.

He looked familiar though I was not so sure if it was the person I perceived. The guy looked around and spotted our table. He started walking towards our table. I was not wrong, I had seen him before. It was Ricky, the guy from the boutique.

He came and stood in front of Maureen, gazed at her saying nothing. This was getting really uncomfortable for us all.

“What are you staring at? May I help you Ricky?” Maureen asked.

I could feel fear in her voice, she was frightened.

“Yes Maureen, you can help me with something.” He said.

“And what’s that?” Maureen asked.

“I have a car waiting outside; I need you to come with me!” He replied.

“Am sorry Ricky but I cannot come with you; I don’t want to go with you anywhere!” Maureen said.

“Okay then; I guess I will have to make you come with me.” Ricky said pulling off a knife from his raincoat.

When I saw the knife, I knew he was to do something fishy, I had to act and act fast. By now Maureen was shaking because of fear.

I stood up and said, “Hey dude! What’s the meaning of all this?”

“Sit down!” Ricky shouted now pointing the knife to me face, attracting more attention.

I sat down and asked, “Why are u doing this?”

Ricky ignored my question and looked at Maureen. He then said;

“If I will not have you then no man will ever do.”

His words drove me crazy. My temper started rising, all this time Faith sat scared to death.

“What did you just say?!” I asked

“You heard me boy! If am not sleeping by her tonight then no man will ever do.”

I banged the table, grabbed Ricky by the neck, burning with anger. He was about to stab me on the chest but I raised my left arm and took the cut on the arm instead.

“Okay then, I will come with you, just don’t hurt anyone.” Maureen said getting up.

“Babe, don’t do it!” I shouted.

“Love, it is the last thing I want to do but if it’s the only thing that will keep you safe, I will go with him hun. I love you.” Maureen said

She walked past Ricky and then Ricky followed her behind. After they were just a few steps from my seat, I grabbed a fork and shove it on Ricky’s left arm.

He swung his right hand towards me, (the hand holding the knife) trying to stab me again, I blocked it with my left hand once more, grabbed a dinner knife and stabbed his right shoulder, he dropped the knife.

Maureen and Faith panicked and ran towards the exit. The hotel’s security took Ricky to custody; I recorded a statement then followed Maureen and Faith. When I got to the parking, there was no sign of either of them but the car Faith came with’ (her car), was still at the parking lot.

The driver’s door of the car was wide open; the car keys were at the ignition. Just then I looked up and saw a car speeding out of the hotel’s premises. I got into Faith’s car and started following the car, I could now see Maureen and Faith from the rear window.

There was a man seated next to them, he seemed to be tying them up. I ghost followed the car to an abandoned warehouse; it was just a few metres off the highway.

The car pulled over in front of the warehouse, the driver came out, opened the back door and pulled out Maureen. The other guy at the back seat pulled out Faith.

To avoid being detected, I put off the car’s headlights and switched off the engine. The two men drugged Maureen and Faith into the warehouse.

I followed from a distance, not letting them get out of my sight. I took a metallic bar on the floor to use it if need be. The two separated, each taking a lady with him, I followed the guy with Maureen.

He ripped off her dress and was now struggling to get off her bra, I rushed towards him and hit him with the metal on his head, he dropped unconscious. Maureen was now in trauma, she just stood there gazing at me. I had to hurry and help Faith too.

“Love stay behind me.” I told Maureen

“He wanted to rape me!” Maureen said still in shock.

I now knew Maureen was not in her right senses, I took her in my arms, took her to the car then rushed back to the warehouse.

 I started searching for Faith; I was not sure which room she had been taken. I then heard sounds in a room just next to where I was, I walked in to the room slowly; it was a bit dark though there was lighting from outside.

I could now see Faith lying on a table with no clothes on, the guy had just removed his trouser. I was pissed off to see that he had already undressed her and was about to rape her, I went running towards him.

He heard me running and turned, by the time he realized what was going on, I had swung the metal I was holding and landed it on his genitals. I knocked him again on the head like I was knocking a golf ball.

Faith was unconscious; I dressed her up and carried her out. When I got out I found some guy holding Maureen outside the car.

“Drop your weapon or I blow off her brains.” He said.

I was about to throw the metal bar at him, aiming for his head, when he held Maureen by the hair and shouted;

“One more step and she is dead, try something stupid, she dies.”

I had no choice; I threw aside the metal rod and carefully put Faith down.

“Okay, what now? Are you going to kill us like sheep?” I asked.

“No, am going to make you watch me make love to your girl then her friend then I kill you.” The guy said now releasing Maureen’s hair.

That was one big mistake he made, making me watch him sleep with my Maureen was a death sentence and I would be both the judge and the executer.

“You better make sure am dead before you do that.” I said.

The guy moved closer and that was then I saw his face, I knew him. He was the guy who attacked me with his two friends the night we had dinner with Maureen.

“Wait; are you not the guy who attacked me that night?” I asked

He chuckled and replied, “I see you got good Memory.”

“Should you not be in prison? I saw Evance arrest you!” I said, now confused.

“About that, you need to know who to trust my friend.” He replied

“I am not your friend you piece of shit.” I replied angrily.

“Call me whatever you desire but you will watch me pump a seed into her (Maureen) and her lying beside you (Faith). Money can buy you freedom you know!” He said grabbing Maureen by the hand and pointing his gun at me.

I then heard a gunshot, I touched myself all over to confirm if I had been shot, just then I saw the guy drop to the ground like a watermelon falling off a transport truck.

“Are you guys okay?” I heard a lady’s voice ask from behind me.

I turned back but could see no one because it was dark. The guys had put just one security light at the entrance of the warehouse the rest were inside the house.

I then saw someone walking towards me with a flashlight, I could now see her face; it was Officer Phil, the partner to Evance.

“Yeah Phil we good, just that the ladies have had a trauma.” I said.

“Why is she on the ground?” Phil asked pointing at Faith.

“Oh, some guy in there knocked her out so as to rape her but got in on time just before he started.” I replied.

The guy holding a gun at me had lost consciousness after the bullet hit his chest but was not dead, Maureen had said not even a single word; she just sat on the ground gazing in the air.

Phil called for the paramedics and twenty minutes later two ambulances were there. Maureen and Faith were put in one, then the two guys in the warehouse and the guy shot on the chest put in the other, handcuffed to the bars in the ambulance.

“I will need you to come with me to the station and record a statement Ham.” Phil said.

“Before that Phil, I have a question.” I said.

“Go on, ask your question Ham.” She replied politely.

“How did he get out of Prison?” I asked.

“It’s a long story Haman.” She replied.

“Make it short Phil because there is no way a guy I left in your custody could be loose in the streets hunting me down like a rabbit. I want answers and I want them now!” I said, now a bit harsh.

“Okay, calm down Haman, I will tell you how he got away.” She said.

“Am all ears Phil, start talking.” I replied.

“The guy asked for his lawyer since it was his legal rights to be entitled to one, he made a deal with the lawyer to pay off Evance so that he could help him escape.” She started.

“Evance on hearing about the deal, it was an offer he could not refuse, he took the money and let go the guy. After it was discovered the guy had escaped, investigations were done and we found out Evance helped him; that was when Evance went missing. I knew his secret safe house so I went to see if that is where he was hiding. I found him on a pool of his own blood and that’s when he told me the guy’s plan since the guy had told him all he was to do before he shot him and left him to die.” Phil said.

“I could not trust anyone since my own partner betrayed me so I decided to follow him alone and he led me here. That is how I got to rescue your lives.” Phil added.

I was now at peace knowing who betrayed me and whom I would trust, I could not believe that Evance had betrayed me though, yet we had been friends for a couple of years.

“Thanks Phil, I will ride in Faith’s car if you don’t mind.” I said.

“It’s okay Ham, no problem at all.” She said.

We hit the road towards the station, I was leading and she followed in her police car, she was a couple of metres away though since I kind of loved being a fast driver. We had just driven halfway when I heard a big bang followed by the sound screeching tyres.

It was my tyre which had been hit by a bullet, I lost control since I was speeding and my car rolled three times. I was lucky I had my safety belt fastened and the airbag was functional, I just got a scratch on my head.

I was struggling to unfasten my safety belt when I saw a man in the dark approaching the car I was in; he was holding a gun in his right hand. Before he got close enough, Phil arrived and saw my car upside down, she put on the siren. When the guy heard the siren, he started shooting at her.

Phil stopped the car and took cover, they started exchanging bullets. I got time to get off the seat belt and I slowly opened the car door, I could see the guy just a few metres away from where I was, he was hiding behind a tree.

He fired his last shot and his magazine ran out, Phil had at most two bullets left. Before the guy could reload, I went running and spear-charged him to the ground. We exchanged blows, he was more masculine but that did not matter to me since in the ghetto I used to hang around some Karate sports center, so I would steal defense styles and train on my own.

The guy pinned me to the ground gave me a face punch but before he could land his second blow, I hit him with my elbow on his rib putting him aside. He reached out for his gun, he loaded it and was about to shoot me right through my chest when Phil shot him right through his head.

He was wearing a face mask, I uncovered the mask and there he was, Ricky! He had overpowered the hotel guards and escaped; now he lay there motionless. Phil called for backup now this was getting out of hand. Faith’s car was put on a carrier truck and transported to the garage; I was left with no choice but ride with Phil.

We dropped by the station, I recorded a statement and Phil drove me to the hospital where Faith, Maureen and the three guys were taken. On arrival the doctor told us that the guy shot on his chest did not make it but the other two had severe head injuries and still alive.

Faith was now conscious and Maureen was recovering from being traumatized, they both were in the same ward.

“Hello Ham, you must be the one who saved my life.” Faith said

“How did you know that?” I asked.

“Because am wearing your Jacket.” She replied smiling.

“I did what friends do for each other. Focus on fully recovery….. Oh! Before I forget, insurance will pay for your car.” I said smiling back.

“What happened to it?” She asked looking a bit worried.

“I rolled in it, Ricky shot the front tyre and I lost control.” I said

Before Faith could respond, Maureen gazed at me leg and said;

“Oh My Goodness! Babe you are bleeding!”

I looked at my trouser and it was getting soaked in blood, I sure had lost a lot of blood but I didn’t notice since it was being absorbed by a piece of cloth in my pocket and I had been rained on so was a bit wet.

Ricky had cut me while fighting him but never paid attention to it since there was little pain. I started feeling dizzy and could barely stand, I would have fell on the hard ground were it not for Phil, she grabbed me before I fell. The last thing I heard before I passed out was the three ladies calling the doctors.

Couple of hours later I came back to, I was having a drip on my arm, on top was a pack of blood. Maureen, Faith and Phil stat beside my bed waiting for me to wake up.

I opened my eyes and asked, “For how long have I been asleep?”

“Two hours. Welcome back Ham.” Phil replied.

“Thank You. Whose blood is this am getting?” I asked.

Phil smiled and looked at Faith. She then said;

“She is a universal donor, she made the sacrifice. Maureen’s blood does not match yours so she could not donate.”

I looked at Maureen, smiled and said, “I love you hunie.”

I then looked at Faith and said, “Thanks Faith for saving my life.”

Three days later, I was discharged from the hospital. I went back to work and Maureen’s leave was over, so was Faith’s. We would just meet in the evening after work; the days were now getting boring.

I would spend all day in the office by myself. I requested to be given a secretary, two days later my request was granted, her name was Jackie. She was of chocolate complexion and was fairly tall. The very first weeks she was dressing dresses past her knees, very professional, until one day her friends working in the company corrupted her mind.

One morning she came to work in a tight mini skirt, that day became my longest day ever. I could not help it but stare at her for hours. I could barely concentrate at my work; this lady had really fine legs. That day I did not finish much of my assignment, I carried work home.

The following morning she came in a shorter skirt than the previous one, I could not stand it anymore, I went to work in a different office to avoid temptations. In the evening I requested my office to be partitioned so that she could have her own space.

I was walking to the parking lot which was underground of the building, when I met with a friend working in a different office; he invited me for a drink. Because the following day was weekend and there was no going to work, I accepted the invitation, his name was Alex.

The company had given me a company car to use before I could purchase my own, so I told Alex I would meet him at the BLEND CLUB at around 9pm we have a drink.

I got into my car and drove off the parking lot. I had just barely passed the entrance gate when I met Jackie, (my secretary), stranded on the road. I slowed down, lowered my window and asked,

“Everything okay Jackie?”

“No Sir! Someone stole my fare home; it’s a bit far I can’t walk.” She replied.

It would be uncouth to leave my secretary stranded on the road so no matter how I tried to avoid her; I had to give her a ride home.

“Where do you live Jackie?” I asked.

“Accra Street Sir.” She replied.

“Get in, I am headed that way.” I said

Jackie got in and sat on the front seat, next to me. I stared at her for almost a minute before I got the car back to motion. When she sat, the skirt went up a little bit, she didn’t seem to be bothered by that, I put my eyes on the road to avoid looking at her thighs but would find myself stealing a glance at them once in a while.

We got to Accra Street; I dropped her off and drove to my place. I took a shower, wore my casual clothes and started my journey to meet Alex at Club Blend.

I met Alex had not yet arrived so I ordered a glass of wine and sat there watching football as I awaited Alex. Few minutes later he walked in holding an envelope.

He came over to where I was sitting; he seemed to be in a happy and jovial mood.

“Did I keep you waiting for so long? Am sorry.” He said

“I just got here ten minutes ago so no worries.” I replied.

“So, do you know why I called you for a drink?” He asked.


This Story is Courtesy of the Author, George Haman.

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Author: AuthorGeorgeHaman

Writing is not only my talent, gifted to me by God, but also it is my favorite hobby followed by Swimming, Hiking, Adventure and Nature exploration and Cooking. Detective movies are my biggest addiction, music is literary my life.

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