A Son I Never Got to Meet



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“So, do you know why I called you for a drink?” He asked.

“Not unless you tell me my friend.” I said smiling.

“I brought you good news, Francis sent me this.” He said handing over the envelope to me.

“What is in here?” I asked him.

“Why don’t you open it and see for yourself.” He replied smiling.

Alex too ordered for a glass of wine, I slowly opened the envelope to see what was inside, it was a book. I got it out, and I was really shocked to see it was the book I authored.

“Oh! I forgot to tell you, the company will sell the book for you for free, Courtesy of Francis.” Alex said smiling.

I picked up my phone and called Francis, I told him like a million thanks, I could not hold my joy. I ordered a full bottle of wine for me and Alex.

I called Maureen to tell her the good news but her phone was off, I tried Faith’s phone too, it was off. This was not normal at all; nevertheless, I sat and enjoyed the taste of the wine.

As you know, once u ingest a liquid, u have to excrete the waste, I was pressed so I got up and headed for the washrooms. I had barely entered the washrooms entrance, when I spotted Maureen and Faith seated with two men around a table at the corner.

I thought of walking over to them but then my body resisted, I went to the washroom, did my depositing and came back to the table.

“Is that not your girlfriend?” Alex asked

“Yes she is.” I replied with a bored tone.

“Does she know you are here?” He asked.

“Would she have switched of her phone and be seated with those guys if she did?” I asked Alex.

“Dude, I think I know that guy seated next to her.” He said.

“Oh yeah? Who is he?!!” I asked now getting tempered.

“That is her boss; the other guy is his brother.”

We were there watching them when Maureen got up, she was in a black mini skirt, she was headed to the washrooms.

I hid my face so that she could not see me, she was tipsy, could tell from her walking style. I then saw the guy next to Faith, (Brother to Maureen’s boss)’ move his hand to Faith’s thighs, Faith did not react, she just pretended nothing is happening.

This is when I knew something fishy was going on. Maureen came back and while going to sit, hit a chair and was about to fall when her boss held her by her chest.

She looked up at him and smiled. This really pissed me off, I was burning from inside. The guy next to Faith was now having his hand under her skirt, still Faith acted like nothing was happening.

I was about to react when I saw them stand up and start walking towards the exit, they held arms. One of the club workers followed them carrying a box of beer.

Alex and I decided to follow them and see what they were up to, they all got into one car and drove away. Alex had not come with his car so he got into mine and we followed them.

They all headed to Maureen’s house, Maureen opened the door and they got into the house. I had the gate’s security code so I waited till the sitting room lights were off, opened the gate slowly and we got in.

We tiptoed to the back of the house, I could now see directly into Maureen’s room, the curtains were open just a transparent net was on the window.

It was dark outside so no one could see us except for Maureen’s Dog which was my best friend since I would take it out for hikes, she could not even remember to untie it before she got into the house. We sat on a short pillar with Alex waiting to see what next, just then the room next to Maureen’s was put on lights.

The curtains were also open so I could see in there too.  I then saw Faith with just a bra on, I could not see below her stomach because of the level I was seated was a bit low.

I climbed to a tank which was placed on a height same as the rooms’ windows, Alex followed. I now could see the guy unzip Faiths skirt and slowly getting it off.

Faith just lay on the bed watching him so innocently like a Lamb waiting to be sacrificed. He removed her bra and started caressing her; he got off his shirt and belt.

My attention was then drawn by some noises in Maureen’s room. She was sitting on the window frame and her boss stood in between her legs facing her. They started kissing.

“Ham, you will sit here and watch them?” Alex asked.

“I guess I will bro.” I replied.

Just before Alex could comment, we heard the gate bell ring. Maureen looked towards the door, came down the window and went out of the room.

“Stay here Alex, I will be back.” I told Alex and climbed down the tank stand.

I went round the house and peeped to the gate. By good luck, I had parked my car in Maureen’s neighborhood so she could not see it. At the gate I saw a guy stand there holding a box.

Few minutes Maureen was out, wearing just a mini skirt and he top half open. She walked towards the gate, still tipsy. They had a short conversion with the guy, took the box and gave him cash. The guy drove away leaving Maureen with the box.

 Maureen locked the gate and walked back to the house. I tiptoed back to where I left my friend Alex.

“Man! Faith already gave in.” Alex said.

I looked through her window and saw the guy on top of her; she was squeezing the pillow pretty hard.

“Not like she was resisting.” I said to Alex.

I then saw Maureen walk back to her room holding the box.

She opened the box and got something out; I looked close and saw her holding a Piece of Pizza. She bit a piece and her boss took it from her mouth with his mouth.

They started kissing again, the boss grabbed her, put her back on the window and slowly started to undo her top; he removed her top; then went for her bra. All this time Maureen was enjoying. I was now burning inside, there was nothing I could do other than just sit and watch them.

Maureen unbuttoned his shirt, got it off, then his vest and started caressing his chest. Faith had already finished her business.

Maureen’s boss slowly removed her skirt and carried her to the bed. Maureen’s bed was at the corner of the wall with the window so I could not see them.

But then I could see their shadow at the wardrobe, her boss was now clearly standing beside the bed, totally nude. I could not watch this anymore.

“Alex let’s go.” I told Alex.

“Am sorry Man, shit happens.” Alex said as we climbed down.

I now could hear Maureen try to hold heavy breathes, I thought of getting in to the house but Alex held me back.

“It will be chaos in there, just go home and calm down bro.” He said.

I could not believe I just watched Maureen sleep with her boss. I was like a burning flame, were it not for Alex, there was to be casualties.

“Alex wait!” I then said all of a sudden.

“What is it Haman?” He asked.

“They took takeaway beer, right??!” I replied.

“Yeah, five packs, why?” He asked.

“They will drink after they finish their business; I need evidence that is tangible.” I said.

“And how do you plan on getting that?” He asked.

“I have her spare key, let us wait till they blackout then get in.” I said.

“Then after we are in?” Alex asked.

“Don’t be an idiot Alex! Take pictures of them sleeping together, that way she can never deny it.”

Alex had no choice anyway since I was his gate pass so he would go nowhere until I say so.  We went back to the tank stand and chilled. Now Maureen was lying on the bed and her boss was there beside her, touching her. Faith and her new catch were in the process to rekindle once more.

Just as expected, they all had beer cans in the rooms, they started drinking; Maureen and her boss drunk while playing with pillows. I sat there watching this nightmare happen.

After a couple of the cans were empty, they both had a blackout. We now had Faith and her guy to blackout and we get in. We did not have to wait for long; it was now some minutes to 2 am in the morning. We got in to the house, found them sleeping like reptiles which are basking in the sun. Maureen had just worn a crop top and the boss was in a short.

I took pictures of them together, went to Faith’s room and took the pictures as well. Alex and I then left the house and went to the car. I took him home then went back to my place.

I had a mini bar in my house, I took a bottle of whisky and by 4am I was in blackout. I knew there was no going to the office the following morning since it was on a weekend.

I woke up with a horrible headache, I had hangover. I drugged my feet to the shower. I had slept exactly the way I was when I got home, including my shoes; I had just drunk myself to sleep.

At the entrance to the bathroom, I started removing the shoes and the clothes. I took a towel then wrapped it round my waist.

My shower heater had malfunctioned hence I had no choice but take a cold shower since I could not repair it in my awful state. It was not the best thing someone nursing hangover would go for but I really was a mess, dirt all over.

I took my shower for quite some time, the water was cold; so was the morning. If only I had a choice, I would not have taken the shower anyway. I was to take forever in there trying to console myself were it not for a knock at my door.

I grabbed my towel, wrapped it round my waist and went to answer the knock.

It was Jackie, my secretary. I opened the door and she stood there staring at my chest.

“Hello Jackie, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“What am I doing here?! You texted me at 4 am and told me you want to see me!” She said

I laughed and said;

“Please forgive me, I was so drunk, I had no control over things I did.”

“Please come in.” I added ushering her into the house.

I had not noticed her dress code till she sat on the sofa. She was in a pink short dress, a mind blower.

“Juice or wine?” I asked her holding a bottle of juice on my left hand and wine on my right.

“Wine will do Sir.” She said.

I poured her a glass of wine then went to my room. I put on a vest and a short then came back to join her. We sat there watching documentaries.  I then thought of buying some popcorn in a shop just a few metres away.

While on my way out I met with Alex and Francis, they were headed to my house.

“Good morning Haman.” Francis greeted me.

“Good morning to you too sir.” I replied.

“Morning Ham.” Alex greeted me too.

“Morning too Alex, how are you?” I replied pretending I had not seen Alex after work.

Francis was my boss; he was a nice kind hearted man. The shop I was to buy popcorns was just a few steps away so I said to them,

“I was headed to buy some popcorns and glossaries, my fridge is empty, it’s like I had a feeling you guys would pop by.” I said smiling.

They came riding in one of the company’s car though mostly it was Francis who used to drive it.

“We will wait for you here then, and you should get a wife to do that for you.” Francis said smiling.

I looked at Alex, smiled sheepishly then looked at Francis and said,

“I will sir, but not anytime soon I suppose.”

“Why not soon?” He asked.

“Let’s just say not ready for commitment yet sir.” I replied now walking towards the shop.

I bought a couple of staffs, put them in their car and walked ahead of them so as to go and open the gate for them. They drove in to the parking lot, I got my shopping out and we went to the house. They both were surprised to meet Jackie in my house.

Alex gave me a stare, I knew what was in his mind; I smiled and shook my head. Jackie stood up, shaking hands with Francis, she said;

“Good Morning Sir?”

“Good Morning to you too. Never thought I would find you here.” Francis said smiling at me.

“Sir, Haman called me over so that I could help him draft some details concerning Monday’s paper.” She replied.

I never saw that coming, Jackie was not only smartly dressed but also had smart brains. I served them all wine, then for me I took whisky.

“Haman we are here concerning your book.” Francis said.

“Book? Which book? You have written a book?” Jackie asked surprised.

I smiled, went to the Books cabinet and took out the copy Alex had given me; I had just put it there when I woke up.

“This book Jackie.” I said giving her the book to see.

“Your book is really on demand Haman; I want you to tell me how you want it distributed.” Francis said.

“Sir, I think it would be best if distributed like the newspapers. It is much easier that way.” I said.

“That is a brilliant idea; the company is ready to support you Haman.” Francis said.

“Thank you sir. Since the company will distribute it for me at no price, I would like 10% of the total sales to be used for the company’s maintenance and 20% to be donated to the poor and to children’s homes.” I said.

“You really have a golden heart Haman.” Francis said.

“Thank you sir. Now if you guys will excuse me, I want to prepare something for you to eat.” I said, heading to the Kitchen.

I made some quick recipe food, Pasta Boulogne and Maryland Chicken. I brought the food to the table, served them, as usual gave thanks for the meal and we ate.

It was few minutes past noon, Francis and Alex said they wanted to leave. I saw the shine in Alex’s eyes; I know he had something to say.

I walked them to the car; Alex looked to have a lot to say only that he could not say it because our boss was around.

“We shall get in touch Ham.” Alex said winking at me.

I opened the gate for them, watched them leave then closed the gate. I went back to the house and found Jackie had cleared the table, she was now washing the dishes.

“Why did you not tell me that they were coming sir?” She asked.

“I didn’t know either Jackie. Call me Haman, or Ham.” I replied, heading to the kitchen.

That is when I got a good view of her, she really was beautiful, I just could not get my eyes off her. Was about to approach her when my phone rang, it was Faith, I rejected the call. She called again and this time put it on voicemail.

Few minutes later, it rang again, this time it was Maureen. I ignored the call, walked towards Jackie and stood behind her. I started touching her shoulders and slowly turned her to face me. She looked at me with sparkling eyes, and wore a beautiful smile.

“Can I ask you something Jackie, as a friend?” I asked her.

“Yeah sure, Sir you can.” She replied.

I gave her a stare then she corrected herself and said, “Sorry, Haman.”

I smiled and said, “Do you think am a nice person?”

“You the sweetest person I know Haman.” She said looking me in the eyes.

Then pictures of Maureen and her boss flashed in my mind, I held Jackie, now feeling anger for Maureen, I looked her in to her eyes and kissed her.

She did not resist, instead she held me and kissed me back, it was like she was awaiting it.

I lifted her and placed her on top of the kitchen’s bottom cabinets, she removed my vest and said,

“I love your chest Ham.”

I smiled and kissed her now for longer, I could note her getting carried away. Before she knew it, she was in another world.

After it all had happened, it was when it hit my conscious, we used no protection and she was my Secretary. I felt guilt but it had already happened, after all, Maureen had betrayed me.

“That was magical Sir Haman.” She said putting on her dress.

I did not respond, I just looked at her and smiled. I have to admit, Jackie was magical, she was something else, took me to a place not even Maureen ever did.

“Jackie, I am human, I am not perfect but you are so irresistible.” I said.

“You are irresistible too Ham.” She replied drawing a love heart with her index finger on my chest.

“I have a question Jackie, and don’t take it the wrong way please.” I said.

“Go on, am all ears.” She replied.

 “Do you have a boyfriend, Fiancée maybe?” I asked.

“Currently none, we parted ways six months ago. He left me for my best friend.” She said, trying to hide her pain with a smile.

“I am sorry for that.” I said.

“It is okay sir, I accepted it. What about you?”

“No I don’t!” I replied

“How can a handsome guy like you lack someone?” She asked

“Well, I used to have a fiancée but not anymore.” I replied with a heavy tone.

“Why? What happened?!” She asked, curiosity building up in her voice.

“We rather not talk about it my dear.” I said

“Come on, just a hint please?” She begged.

“Okay, she slept with her boss. Now, can we change the topic please?”

Jackie put her arms on her mouth and opened her eyes wide open, like someone who had seen a zombie.

“Are you okay dear?” I asked.

“I slept with my boss too!!” She burst out.

“No you didn’t Jackie. In here am not your boss, I am your new best friend and from today let’s just say, am your boss for formalities, otherwise as far as we are concerned am no longer your boss but your close friend.” I said calmly.

“Really Haman?” She asked.

“Yes Jackie, I don’t want what happened to affect our relation at work. You are a nice Secretary, am not ready to lose you.” I replied smiling.


This Story is Courtesy of the Author, George Haman.

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