*The Crafted Surreptitious Prince 1*

written by George Haman



AUTHOR: *George Haman*


Just like any other night, I wished that the sun never rose since my life was better at night than during the day.

Being from an humble family, I had to get a job to cater for my needs. Through the help of a friend; I got a job at Laxsmart Resort as a waiter.

I was a waiter at the sports bar inside the resort and I spent my nights selling drinks to the rich kids and their families.

Unlike most of my colleagues, I had no wife nor children. Together with the other few living single, we were allocated the night shift.

It was not the kind of life I ever dreamt of but, I had no choice.

Sunday night it was, the bar was all full and that meant something to me since the tips came in handy.

It was a pretty busy night, all tables were occupied and I was on a double shift; I was totally exhausted.

At around 2am in the morning, the tables I was serving were less busy hence I felt much better.

Just then a lady dressed in a Gucci dress walked in and since my tables were vacant; she eyed one of them.

She was in company of six other ladies; they were all from rich families.

They walked past me and sat on one of my tables. I waited until they were settled then took the menu and took it to them.

“Hello ladies, welcome to Laxsmart Resort, my name is Haman and I will be your waiter today.” I said putting a smile on my face and gently handing over the menu to them.

I then went to clear the next table as they went through the menu. Few minutes later, I took their order.

“Get us two bottles of the oldest champagne you have please.” The lady in Gucci dress said.

I went to the counter, gave the order to the bartender and went to collect the wine glasses.

Since they were all ladies, I gave the lady in Gucci the tasting wine and placed the cork in a saucer then placed it on their table.

“It is okay waiter Haman, you can go ahead and serve the wine, I love it.” Their host, the lady in Gucci dress said.

I started serving the wine from right hand side of the ladies, starting with the lady on her left. I served clockwise and since she was the host, she was served last.

Due to fatigue, I accidentally toppled her glass and the wine poured on her dress.

Definitely being the richest kid in the squad, she decided to cause a drama.

“How dare you pour wine on my expensive dress?” She asked shouting.

“Ma’am, I am so sorry, I will cater for your laundry expenses and pay for the glass of wine.” I replied to her politely.

“Do you know who I am?” She asked rudely.

Definitely I knew she was a rich kid but I was already used to many rich kids; I never cared to know who they were.

“No ma’am I don’t.” I replied politely.

“I am Jackie, the daughter to the new Mayor of this town. I never wear clothes twice!” She shouted.

Her words were really hurting me but it was my job to be polite and apologize a million times.

Just then the bar manager walked by and saw the drama; he came to solve the problem.

“Excuse me ma’am, I am the manager here; what is going on please?” The manager asked Jackie.

His name was Brian; we were never friends. From the very first day at the resort, Brian and I became antagonists.

“Your stupid waiter just poured wine on my five hundred dollar designer dress.” Jackie said rudely.

“On behalf of the Resort, I apologize and we shall give you a free massage at the spa so as to show our sincere apologies ma’am, also the wine is on the house.” Brain said.

The mention of massage made Jackie to relax but she accepted the deal under one condition; I get fired.

Brian always waited for the day I would screw up big time and get an excuse to fire me; he finally got the chance.

“Haman, come with me to my office please.” The manager said as he started walking away.

I looked at Jackie with burning eyes, I was melting with anger. I knew that our policy was the customer is always right but Jackie had gone too far, I lost my temper.

“Are you happy now? What is it with you rich kids? You always think that we, the humble kids, are your puppets! May you rot in hell.” I said to her with bitterness and walked to the crockery (Changing Room).

I had barely taken my bag when Brian stormed into the room fuming with anger.

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Author: AuthorGeorgeHaman

Writing is not only my talent, gifted to me by God, but also it is my favorite hobby followed by Swimming, Hiking, Adventure and Nature exploration and Cooking. Detective movies are my biggest addiction, music is literary my life.

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