The Crazy Roommate by AuthorHam




*AUTHOR: George Haman*

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🔞Contains Adults Scene not Suitable for Persons under the age of 🔞


Having completed highschool, Hamish and Chris got admitted to Kenyatta University to pursue their Bachelors Degree. They were both talk dark and handsome but Hamish was from a middle class family and Chris was from a rich family. The two were friends since primary school and somehow, fate always put them in the same schools.

In their first year in KU, the two were staying in the Nyayo hostels as roommates and they would spend much of their free time together. Chris was taking BSE Finance and Accounting while Hamish was taking BSC HTM.

Having spent an year together in Campus, the two buddies decided to move out and rent their own apartment since the hostel had rules which restricted them from having fun; they rented a one bedroom apartment in a town just ten minutes away from school; Ruiru town.

Since they had no households, they went out shopping on the first weekend of their 2nd academic year and being like brothers, they cost shared.

They moved in to their new house and that’s when their story of the crazy roommates began. The first day in their new house was boring since they did not have electricity; the house was new, their meter box was not activated yet. They both shared the bedroom but had separate beds since the room was big enough.

Hamish’s phone was going off due to charge so he decided to go and ask for help from their next door neighbour. He took his phone and charger then went and knocked at the door next to his house. A beautiful lady in a white night dress opened the door and Hamish got carried away by her stunning tits; he couldn’t get his eyes off them.

“Hae, how may I help you?” The lady asked.

“Hey, my name is Hamish; am you new neighbour.” He replied smiling sheepishly.

“Yes Hamish, how may I help you?” She asked.

“Kindly charge my phone for me?” He requested politely giving her his phone and charger.

“No problem.” She replied taking the phone.

“I didn’t get your name neighbour.” Hamish said smiling.

“My name is Miriam.” She replied smiling back.

Excited, Hamish went back to their room. As usual, he had to tell his roomie about the goodies he had seen; it was something they always did.

“Bro I just saw the hottest boobs ever.” Hamish said.

“Where?” Chris asked curiously.

“The girl next door. Dude, she got fine ass, fine boobs, sweet face, melting eyes….! I was staring at her smiling like a fool man.” Hamish replied excitedly.

Curious to see the hot neighbour, Chris asked Hamish to let him pick the phone once it was fully charged. Hamish was a quick thinker,he told Chris to take his phone for charging instead and Chris acted just like Hamish, got carried away by her beauty.

They both began fantasizing with Miriam and they decided to do what they always did; approach her both of them and the best in his game to win her. Chris decided to go first since he so badly wanted to win Miriam.

Early in the morning he got out of the house wearing just a tight short and was shirtless. He had a chest every lady would want and yearn to own, a chest every lady would want to lie on.

He knocked at Miriam’s door to get his phone and Miriam was still wearing the provocative night dress. When she saw Chris’ chest, she couldn’t help it but melt inside wishing she could just touch it. She got lost in her fantasy and began smiling sheepishly at Chris.

“Why don’t you join me for breakfast?” She asked.

It was the best morning ever in Chris’  life, he could not reject his through pass to getting Miriam; he went in and sat. Miriam did not want to look cheap so she tried as much as possible to hide her crush on Chris but deep inside, she so badly wanted to lie on his chest.

They had breakfast and shared some basics including contacts and since Chris had a morning class, he had to go. He went back to their room smiling like a chimpanzee which had seen ripe fruits.

“Bro, this one is mine. I could see it in her eyes when she was staring at me; she likes me.” Chris said to Hamish jokingly.

“Don’t be so sure yet bro.” Hamish replied smiling.

“Good luck brother.” Chris said then went to shower.

Hamish did not have that huge lovely chest like Chris did so he had to outsmart Chris by making his sweet nothings sweeter than Chris’. Being a poet, it was easy for Hamish to create convincing lines more so to a lady but he had one problem; Miriam was already madly crushing on Chris and she knew the two were roommates.

After Chris was gone to school, Hamish decided to try his luck; he went and knocked at Miriam’s door. She had changed and was wearing a braless top and a booty short. She welcomed him in and they began mingling. Hamish decided to play cool and take it slow.

Before he could express his feelings towards her, she got up and went to get him a glass of juice; she left her phone on the table unlocked. Out of curiosity, Hamish took a glance at her phone and what he saw came as a huge blow to him……

Kindly Note that only the First 10 Episodes of this story Shall be given for free. For more information, whatsapp the number above or +256756127786

Continues in Episode 2.



Author: AuthorGeorgeHaman

Writing is not only my talent, gifted to me by God, but also it is my favorite hobby followed by Swimming, Hiking, Adventure and Nature exploration and Cooking. Detective movies are my biggest addiction, music is literary my life.

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