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*AUTHOR: George Haman*

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Having completed highschool, Hamish and Chris got admitted to Kenyatta University to pursue their Bachelors Degree. They were both talk dark and handsome but Hamish was from a middle class family and Chris was from a rich family. The two were friends since primary school and somehow, fate always put them in the same schools.

In their first year in KU, the two were staying in the Nyayo hostels as roommates and they would spend much of their free time together. Chris was taking BSE Finance and Accounting while Hamish was taking BSC HTM.

Having spent an year together in Campus, the two buddies decided to move out and rent their own apartment since the hostel had rules which restricted them from having fun; they rented a one bedroom apartment in a town just ten minutes away from school; Ruiru town.

Since they had no households, they went out shopping on the first weekend of their 2nd academic year and being like brothers, they cost shared.

They moved in to their new house and that’s when their story of the crazy roommates began. The first day in their new house was boring since they did not have electricity; the house was new, their meter box was not activated yet. They both shared the bedroom but had separate beds since the room was big enough.

Hamish’s phone was going off due to charge so he decided to go and ask for help from their next door neighbour. He took his phone and charger then went and knocked at the door next to his house. A beautiful lady in a white night dress opened the door and Hamish got carried away by her stunning tits; he couldn’t get his eyes off them.

“Hae, how may I help you?” The lady asked.

“Hey, my name is Hamish; am you new neighbour.” He replied smiling sheepishly.

“Yes Hamish, how may I help you?” She asked.

“Kindly charge my phone for me?” He requested politely giving her his phone and charger.

“No problem.” She replied taking the phone.

“I didn’t get your name neighbour.” Hamish said smiling.

“My name is Miriam.” She replied smiling back.

Excited, Hamish went back to their room. As usual, he had to tell his roomie about the goodies he had seen; it was something they always did.

“Bro I just saw the hottest boobs ever.” Hamish said.

“Where?” Chris asked curiously.

“The girl next door. Dude, she got fine ass, fine boobs, sweet face, melting eyes….! I was staring at her smiling like a fool man.” Hamish replied excitedly.

Curious to see the hot neighbour, Chris asked Hamish to let him pick the phone once it was fully charged. Hamish was a quick thinker,he told Chris to take his phone for charging instead and Chris acted just like Hamish, got carried away by her beauty.

They both began fantasizing with Miriam and they decided to do what they always did; approach her both of them and the best in his game to win her. Chris decided to go first since he so badly wanted to win Miriam.

Early in the morning he got out of the house wearing just a tight short and was shirtless. He had a chest every lady would want and yearn to own, a chest every lady would want to lie on.

He knocked at Miriam’s door to get his phone and Miriam was still wearing the provocative night dress. When she saw Chris’ chest, she couldn’t help it but melt inside wishing she could just touch it. She got lost in her fantasy and began smiling sheepishly at Chris.

“Why don’t you join me for breakfast?” She asked.

It was the best morning ever in Chris’  life, he could not reject his through pass to getting Miriam; he went in and sat. Miriam did not want to look cheap so she tried as much as possible to hide her crush on Chris but deep inside, she so badly wanted to lie on his chest.

They had breakfast and shared some basics including contacts and since Chris had a morning class, he had to go. He went back to their room smiling like a chimpanzee which had seen ripe fruits.

“Bro, this one is mine. I could see it in her eyes when she was staring at me; she likes me.” Chris said to Hamish jokingly.

“Don’t be so sure yet bro.” Hamish replied smiling.

“Good luck brother.” Chris said then went to shower.

Hamish did not have that huge lovely chest like Chris did so he had to outsmart Chris by making his sweet nothings sweeter than Chris’. Being a poet, it was easy for Hamish to create convincing lines more so to a lady but he had one problem; Miriam was already madly crushing on Chris and she knew the two were roommates.

After Chris was gone to school, Hamish decided to try his luck; he went and knocked at Miriam’s door. She had changed and was wearing a braless top and a booty short. She welcomed him in and they began mingling. Hamish decided to play cool and take it slow.

Before he could express his feelings towards her, she got up and went to get him a glass of juice; she left her phone on the table unlocked. Out of curiosity, Hamish took a glance at her phone and what he saw came as a huge blow to him……

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*The Crafted Surreptitious Prince Ep 2*

Witten By Author George Haman



AUTHOR: *George Haman*


“I told you to come to the crockery or to my office?” He asked rudely.

“Look here Brian, you have always had a grudge against me, I get it; but I am not going to give you the honours of firing me. I will hand in my resignation letter to the HR tomorrow; I hope you are happy now!” I replied and grabbed my bag.

I walked past Brian and walked out of the room. I was so angry that I did not reason that it was unsafe walking home alone.

I signed out at the gate and walked out of the premises. My house was about half a kilometer away hence I decided to walk.

I had already covered a hundred metres away from the Resort when two men appeared in front of me dressed in black.

One of them was holding a gun and the other one was holding a knife. The one with a knife stood in front of me and tried to snatch my backpack.

I held it tight then grabbed his hand; the other guy with a gun then pointed it to my head.

“Let go off the bag or I shoot you in the head.” The guy said.

I didn’t have much of a choice, I let go my backpack.

In the bag, there was no any treasury; only my waiter’s uniform and my big five.

After finding nothing worth in my bag, the guy with a knife tore it apart and pounced on me. They started raining blows on me; I was defenseless.

Before I passed out, I saw some headlights approaching. That was when the blows stopped landing on me and I heard the two run away.

Hours later, I woke up in the hospital; my body covered in bandages.

My whole body was in pain; I could barely move.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw a familiar face. There was a lady seated on my right hand side; she looked familiar.

“Thank goodness you are awake, I was worried.” The lady said as she got up from the seat she was seated.

“Are you not the lady from the Resort?” I asked after I recalled seeing her seated beside Jackie.

“Yes, I am; my name is Bianca.” The lady replied.

“What are you doing here? You guys are the reason I am on this bed!” I said rudely.

“Haman, I was not contended with what Jackie did. After she asked for you to be fired, I saw you walk out of the Resort all alone and I got concerned. I excused myself pretending to go to the washrooms and went to my car. I wanted to give you a ride home since I knew it was not safe out there.” She said then paused.

“I am sorry for being harsh to you; just that I am still angry.” I replied after I realized that I was too harsh on her.

“I understand Haman, you did not deserve what happened to you.” She replied.

“How did I get here?” I asked.

“I found you badly beaten up and took you. I brought you here since you needed immediate medical attention.” She replied.

“Thank you Bianca. I guess I was wrong about the rich kids; not all rich kids are selfish.” I said.

“Kindly forgive Jackie, she is just full of pride. I will talk to my dad and get you another job.” Bianca said.

The nurse then walked in and asked Bianca to let me have some rest. She promised to be visiting me daily and left me a banquet of flowers.

Two weeks later, I had recovered and I could walk on my own without the aid of a wheelchair.

I was ready to get discharged from the hospital and go home.

Bianca came to pick me up on a Friday morning. She cleared all my standing hospital bills and catered for everything.

“I have some good news Haman.” She said smiling.

“Which news Bianca?” I asked curiously.

“My dad reassigned my driver to his firm hence I will need a new driver.” She said.

“You are asking me to be your driver?” I asked.

“I guess so, I will pay you double of what you were getting from the Resort.” She replied.

“I will need time to think about that.” I said as I walked towards her car.

Before I became a waiter at Laxsmart Resort, I used to be their driver. The money I was getting from driving their vans was not adequate hence I requested the HR to transfer me to the bar.

Bianca and I drove off and we were headed to my apartment; just then I recalled something.

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 *The Crafted Surreptitious Prince 1*

written by George Haman



AUTHOR: *George Haman*


Just like any other night, I wished that the sun never rose since my life was better at night than during the day.

Being from an humble family, I had to get a job to cater for my needs. Through the help of a friend; I got a job at Laxsmart Resort as a waiter.

I was a waiter at the sports bar inside the resort and I spent my nights selling drinks to the rich kids and their families.

Unlike most of my colleagues, I had no wife nor children. Together with the other few living single, we were allocated the night shift.

It was not the kind of life I ever dreamt of but, I had no choice.

Sunday night it was, the bar was all full and that meant something to me since the tips came in handy.

It was a pretty busy night, all tables were occupied and I was on a double shift; I was totally exhausted.

At around 2am in the morning, the tables I was serving were less busy hence I felt much better.

Just then a lady dressed in a Gucci dress walked in and since my tables were vacant; she eyed one of them.

She was in company of six other ladies; they were all from rich families.

They walked past me and sat on one of my tables. I waited until they were settled then took the menu and took it to them.

“Hello ladies, welcome to Laxsmart Resort, my name is Haman and I will be your waiter today.” I said putting a smile on my face and gently handing over the menu to them.

I then went to clear the next table as they went through the menu. Few minutes later, I took their order.

“Get us two bottles of the oldest champagne you have please.” The lady in Gucci dress said.

I went to the counter, gave the order to the bartender and went to collect the wine glasses.

Since they were all ladies, I gave the lady in Gucci the tasting wine and placed the cork in a saucer then placed it on their table.

“It is okay waiter Haman, you can go ahead and serve the wine, I love it.” Their host, the lady in Gucci dress said.

I started serving the wine from right hand side of the ladies, starting with the lady on her left. I served clockwise and since she was the host, she was served last.

Due to fatigue, I accidentally toppled her glass and the wine poured on her dress.

Definitely being the richest kid in the squad, she decided to cause a drama.

“How dare you pour wine on my expensive dress?” She asked shouting.

“Ma’am, I am so sorry, I will cater for your laundry expenses and pay for the glass of wine.” I replied to her politely.

“Do you know who I am?” She asked rudely.

Definitely I knew she was a rich kid but I was already used to many rich kids; I never cared to know who they were.

“No ma’am I don’t.” I replied politely.

“I am Jackie, the daughter to the new Mayor of this town. I never wear clothes twice!” She shouted.

Her words were really hurting me but it was my job to be polite and apologize a million times.

Just then the bar manager walked by and saw the drama; he came to solve the problem.

“Excuse me ma’am, I am the manager here; what is going on please?” The manager asked Jackie.

His name was Brian; we were never friends. From the very first day at the resort, Brian and I became antagonists.

“Your stupid waiter just poured wine on my five hundred dollar designer dress.” Jackie said rudely.

“On behalf of the Resort, I apologize and we shall give you a free massage at the spa so as to show our sincere apologies ma’am, also the wine is on the house.” Brain said.

The mention of massage made Jackie to relax but she accepted the deal under one condition; I get fired.

Brian always waited for the day I would screw up big time and get an excuse to fire me; he finally got the chance.

“Haman, come with me to my office please.” The manager said as he started walking away.

I looked at Jackie with burning eyes, I was melting with anger. I knew that our policy was the customer is always right but Jackie had gone too far, I lost my temper.

“Are you happy now? What is it with you rich kids? You always think that we, the humble kids, are your puppets! May you rot in hell.” I said to her with bitterness and walked to the crockery (Changing Room).

I had barely taken my bag when Brian stormed into the room fuming with anger.

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A Son I Never Got to Meet



AUTHOR: George Haman

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“Yes Jackie, I don’t want what happened to affect our relation at work. You are a nice Secretary, am not ready to lose you.” I replied smiling.

Jackie hugged me tight, now feeling much relief. We finished washing the dishes and went to complete our movie.

Jackie wanted to leave so she asked to be shown to the shower, I had already fixed the heater it was now working. I showed her to the shower, got her a towel and soap and started walking away to let her shower, I was still shirtless.

Jackie grabbed my hand and pulled me to the shower. She closed the door and things happened in there. She later left and promised to be visiting more often. She had just disappeared when I saw Maureen’s car approach from far.

I rushed back to the house, locked the door, switched off the TV and kept my phone on silent mode. I then sat down on the seat, all quiet.

I then recalled she had my key too so I quickly got off the seat, rushed through my back door to the balcony. I sure was not ready to face her yet; I would do something I would live to regret if I met her at this time.

I quickly jumped to my neighbour’s balcony, there was a lander which was being used by guys repainting the apartments, I quickly climbed down.

On reaching to the ground, I peeped and saw Maureen and Faith come out of Maureen’s car. I waited for them to get up to my door; then I walk out of the gate. Soon they were at my house, standing outside the door. She knocked calling out my name but did not get any answer.

I was now feeling despise for her, did not want to ever see her. She unlocked the house and they got in. I rushed past the gate and vanished. After some distance of walking, I reached my pockets to get my phone and call Alex; I was in for a rude shock! I forgot my phone on the table!

I thought of going back to the house to prevent Maureen from accessing it but then remembered I had changed the unlock security to fingerprint so only me could unlock it. I walked aimlessly, not knowing where to go. I then met with Alex, he looked exhausted.

“Are you okay bro?” I asked.

“Yes! I am good Ham. Just a little tired.” Alex said.

“You left her in the house?” He asked.

“Who?” I asked pretending not to know whom he was talking about.

“Your sec!” He said smiling.

“You are so evil Alex, she left. Actually right now am evading the traitor.” I said, trying to change the topic.

“Wait! Maureen came over?!” He asked now looking shocked.

“Yeah, and just like I had her key, she got mine too. I saw her coming and got out via the balcony.”

Alex started Laughing, I was not sure whether to join him and start laughing or should I pity myself.

“The devil is a liar, I forgot my phone there so I have to go back but I don’t know how!” I added

“I can help you out brother.” Alex said.

“Help me how?” I asked him, now curious.

“Follow me Ham.” Alex said.

I followed him, not knowing where we were headed to, I kind of trusted Alex. We were headed to my house.

“Why are you taking me back to the house?” I asked Alex, now stopping.

“Watch and learn brother, just follow my lead.” Alex said.

I followed him all the way to the house, it was my house so I did not knock; I just went in. I found Maureen seated on the sofa holding my phone, Faith was next to her.

“Where have you been Haman? And why did you leave your phone?” She asked pretending to be angry.

“He was out with friends.” Alex replied before I could.

“So he left his phone?” She asked.

“Yes, it was a team building exercise hence the rule was, no phones and any kind of disruption.” Alex said.

Alex was this guy, so perfect in his lies and so serious when lying, you would never know that he was lying. My phone then rang, it was Francis.

“Hello Sir, how do you do?” I said, answering the call.

“Am fine Haman, just called to tell you the book is already selling, it has a high demand.”

This was the best news I ever received that week. I walked to the fridge, took a beer and gave Alex then went to my room. I lay on the bed trying to get some sleep but could not sleep. Maureen then walked in, every time I looked at her, I would see the image of her and her boss so I faced down.

“Are you okay Haman? You are acting weird.” She said.

“I am fine, just tired. I need to rest.” I said, still not looking at her.

“I can massage you, it will help you relax.” She said.

“No thank you. Sleep is all I need, did not sleep well last night so please if you don’t mind!” I said.

She sat there quietly then after a few minutes, she left the room. I texted Alex and told him to keep an eye on them then I slept. I woke up two hours later, walked to my sitting room and found the three feasting on my beer.

“Oh! You are finally awake huh?” Maureen asked.

I ignored her, went to the kitchen, took milk and some readymade cereals, mixed them in a serial bowl and ate.

“Ham, we thought of sleeping over since tomorrow is on a Sunday and I was busy yesterday, I could not make it to come over.” Maureen said.

‘Yeah, you were busy with your boss, you could barely remember to untie your dog, how could you remember me!’ I whispered to myself.

“About that! I already had made plans with Alex, we are travelling somewhere tonight.” I said, looking at Alex.

“Yea, sorry ladies but we have a trip tonight.” Alex added.

This guy was one friend I really loved to hang out with, ever smart when it comes to cover-ups.

“Trip to where?” Maureen asked.

All this time Faith sat there quiet, guilt eating her up like some desert black ants.

“We are going to visit an old friend, he has a marriage anniversary party tomorrow morning; in the afternoon we attend a business summit so it’s a business trip which we will pass by an old friend’s place.” Alex replied to Maureen’s question.

“What time are you leaving?” Maureen asked.

“In two hours’ time.” Alex said, looking at his watch.

“When will you be back?” She asked.

“Monday Morning.” I answered before Alex could.

Monday I had to report to work so I had to make the lie perfect.

“Monday I will be busy, so maybe I see you on Tuesday.” Maureen said.

It was not like her to be busy, she had never been that busy before so I joined the dots and knew what she meant. It was 4 o’clock, we had to fake our trip; I went and packed a small travel bag. Thirty minutes to six we left the house, Maureen and Faith got to their car and drove away.

Alex and I got into my car and went to Alex’s place. I had to camp at his place till Monday morning. On Monday, we drove to work from Alex’s home, each of us in his own car. After arriving to my office, I found my office had been partitioned like I had requested.

I met with Jackie on the stairs, she smiled at me and I smiled back. We greeted each other like nothing had happened between us.

“I see you partitioned the office” she said.

“Yes dear, am sorry but your dressing would kill me, I would not concentrate.” I said smiling.

“I guess by now you know why.” I added.

“I understand Ham.” She said chuckling.

We went to the office, did our jobs like we never knew each other. At noon, Francis came in to my office, he was holding an envelope. He gave me the envelope and said;

“That’s the sales so far.”

I opened the envelope and found a bank mini-statement. In my account I had thousands of money deposited, It was the sales from my book.

“Did you deduct the 30%?” I asked Francis.

“Yes, deposited 10% to the Company’s account and 20% was distributed as requested.” He said.

“Thank you sir.” I said.

Francis was old enough to be my father; he just had a strong body. He stared at me for some time then said;

“Haman, I have no children, I own this Company but I was worried what will happen to it once I am gone.” He then kept silent and watched my reaction.

“I don’t understand, sir, what do you mean?” I asked, now confused.

“You are like a son to me Haman and that is why I had your book distributed by my company for free. You proved me right when you gave back 30% to the society and my company, you have a golden heart.” He said and kept quiet for some time.

“I have a surprise for you Haman.” He added.

I then saw a guy walk to Jackie, told her something and left, few minutes later Jackie left the office.

“Follow me Haman.” Mr. Francis said.

I followed him, we headed for the staff’s conference hall; every employee was in the hall. We walked to the stage with Francis; he picked up a mic and said;

“Thank You all for coming. I have an announcement to make, you all me have your seats.”

Everyone took their seats and after it was all quiet he added,

“For many years, I have been running this company. I am now growing old; I need someone to help me run it. I personally have no children so I did not know whom to choose until one day I saw in the news, a brave young Man who took bullets to save a lady he did not know.”

“He caught my attention and I started learning about him; that is when I found out that he was a hardworking newspaper vender. They became friends with the lady and the lady was my friend, she once helped me seal a deal for this company.” He said then kept quiet and looked at the employees.

“Through the Lady, I was able to offer the young man a job here. He surprised me with his eloquence in his speech. As if not enough, he had a copy of a book he had written and copies of drafts of newspapers he used to do editing.

I was mesmerized by his work so I made him the assistant editor. I have been observing him since then and today I stand in front of you all to announce the new director of WestHome Newspaper Company, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Mr. Haman.” He said clapping his hands.

I could not believe my ears, I was the new Director of the company! This was a dream come true. Everyone clapped and started cheering, chanting my name.

I walked to the stand and said;

“The Managing Director, Mr. Francis, all protocols observed, good afternoon?”

“Good afternoon too.” They all replied in unison.

“To be honest these news got me by surprise, I never expected such good news. I pledge before you all that it will be my top priority to take this company to greater heights. Thank you Sir for entrusting the company unto my hands, I will never disappoint you.” I said.

They all clapped again cheering. The meeting was over and they returned to their work stations. I went with Francis to his office, signed a couple of documents and he put me up to speed with what was expected of me.

“Welcome to your new office.” He said smiling.

 He then gave me the key to the office.

“Haman, I believe I made the right choice picking you to run the company after me, Make me proud son.” Francis said as he was exiting the office.

He then stopped, turned and said;

“When I was your age, I was just but a mare distribution manager, I worked hard and this company is the fruit of my hard work. I am entrusting my whole lifetime investment, my legacy, unto your hands Haman. You are more of a son to me, I see potential in you, just don’t mix business with friendship son. Those are two things that can never mix.” He said.

“You are like a father to me Sir; I will work day and night to maintain your legacy.” I replied.

“Am not telling you not to have friends, all I meant son was, do not bring friendship into business.” He said and walked out.

I sat there digesting his words; I then took the office phone and asked for Alex. Few minutes later Alex walked in to my new office.

“Man! All this space for you??! He said amazed by the size of the office.

“Alex, I called you here for serious business. We are friends yes but in here, it is work please.” I said with a serious tone.

“Am Sorry Sir.” Alex said now getting serious.

I liked this guy because when it was fun time, he was super fun and when it was business time, it was strict business.

“I have read your file Alex and I think you qualify for a new post. Congratulations my friend, you are the new owner of my previous office.” I said handing him the key to my other office.

“Thank you sir. I am really humbled.” Alex said, taking the key.

“You are welcome Alex. Now, go back to work. All files are on the desk, I believe by now you know how the office works.” I said

“Yes Sir, I do know my new job description.” Alex said then stood up and started walking towards the door.

“Alex.” I called.

“Yes Sir?” He stopped and responded.

“Besides being my friend, I trust you and have faith in your work, make me proud.” I said.

“I will Sir.” He said then walked out.

Just then Francis walked in wearing a huge smile on his face. He walked to where I was seated and said;

“That was incredible son.”

“I don’t get you sir, what do you mean?” I asked.

“I forgot my passport in the safe, when coming back to get it, I saw Alex walk in and I stood at the door listening. You are a true born leader Haman, I am proud of you.” Francis said.

He then walked to the safe, opened it and got his documents. He left the safe empty.

“I have reset the safe’s code to default so you will have to set your own code.” He said.

“Sir, are you travelling?” I asked.

“Yes Haman, I am going for vacation abroad.” He said smiling and left.

He had showed me everything about the company which I would require help with, so I was now fit to run the company. I was going through some files when my attention was drawn by a piece of a hospital paper.

I read it and that was when I discovered Francis was not going for a vacation, he was going for treatment, he was sick. I took the phone, rang the reception and called for Jackie; she came in a few minutes later.

“You sent for me sir?”

“Yes Jackie, I wanted to tell you that I am considering promoting you from a secretary to my new Personal Assistant.” I said.

“That over there will be your new desk.” I said pointing at a desk near the other window of the office.

“Thank you sir; let me get my files.” She said.

She went and later came with her files; I assigned someone else to be Alex’s secretary.

It was just a few minutes to noon when the lady working at the reception outside my office came in and said;

“Sir there is a stubborn lady who wants to see you. She has no appointment but she said she is not leaving until she talks to you.”

“Which lady? I asked

“She says her name is Maureen Sir.” The receptionist said.

I smiled and said;

 “It’s okay, let her in.”

Maureen walked in holding the Cheque.

“What is the meaning of all this Haman? I have to get an appointment for me to see my boyfriend now because he is running the company?” She asked with an angry tone.

“I told you, consider that Cheque as my appreciation for all you did for me Maureen.” I replied calmly, ignoring her second question.

Jackie excused herself and wanted to leave but I stood up and said;

“Jackie, you are going nowhere, sit down! You are now a part of this, today is the day I have been waiting for. I saw you with your boss Maureen.” I said.

She looked at me shocked; I could see tension in her eyes.

“Is holding hands wrong Haman?” She asked.

“Oh! Not talking about that. Club Blend, does that name ring a bell to you?” I asked; she now was in more shock.

“You were at the club too that night? It was just a business thing.” She said trying to be calm.

“Oh! Really?” I asked smiling

“You don’t believe me?” She asked with a guilty voice.

“I wish I could believe you Moh.” I said

“Why don’t you call Faith and ask her.” She said.

“Oh! You mean, I call your partner in crime? What makes you think I would believe her either? I asked

“Haman, nothing happened that night, I promise.” She said.

“If by nothing you mean pizza in bed with your boss then I believe my understanding of the term ‘nothing’ is wrong.” I said

Maureen was now in shock, tears started running down her cheeks.

“You saw that?” She asked now feeling shame.

“Yes Maureen, I saw how you gave yourself to him. Oh! Faith was next door so I saw her as well.” I replied.

“Haman it was the influence of alcohol. I am sorry!” She said crying

“It’s too late for that Maureen; I gave you humble time to confess to me. Don’t you dare blame alcohol on your despicable actions, you really were enjoying it. I believe you were very sober when I saw you two holding hands at work.” I said, with lots of bitterness in my voice.

“Haman you can’t leave me, not after all I have done for you!” She said.

“About that, Mr. Francis told me everything. He was the one behind me getting the job, your part was just to convince me to accept the offer, no wonder they did not ask for my academic papers. I wrote you that Cheque to refund your money which you spent on me.” I said.

“Haman please, I want to be with you.” She shouted crying.

“How I wish I would say the same to you but you already betrayed what we had. Someone else now owns what was yours Maureen. Let us go for lunch Jackie.” I said, now looking at Jackie.

Maureen left the office wiping off her tears, we then left after her with Jackie to go and have lunch.

The rest part of the day went as usual, everything was normal. I changed my phone to avoid calls from Maureen. Three months later, I told Jackie to accompany me upcountry. It was almost two years since I had visited my homeland.

Jackie accepted my request and accompanied me, we bought them different gifts. I met the homestead had changed, they had built huge houses. Every end of the month after I got a job, I would send some money home; I was so happy to see what they did with the money.

There was a house which was not complete yet, I ordered for materials to complete it and cleared all standing bills. I then bought two goats and organized a party, for the whole family to celebrate together. During the party, I had to do what everyone was awaiting, introduce Jackie.

I stood up, put off the music, greeted them all, (we had invited a couple of friends over, including Alex.), I smiled, held Jackie’s hand and helped her get up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the lady I love. She has helped me discover the inner me and I would not be telling a lie when I say I love her.”

Both Alex and Jackie were shocked; I could read it in their eyes. Jackie never saw that coming, she just could not believe it.

Everyone then introduced themselves and the party went on. Early the following day we had to travel back to the city for it was a work day. (We traveled over weekend.)

Alex came using public means since his car was being serviced so we gave him a ride back.

We were busy talking about me and Jackie when the car got a puncture; it was around 4 am in the morning. It was in the middle of the highway, the only light was from my car, the place was scary quiet.

I got out to check out what had happened to the tire when I heard some noises in the bush nearby .

I grabbed a flashlight from the car and quickly checked where the noises were coming from. That was then I saw spikes in front of me, it was not just a puncture, it was a set up.

Five men wearing masks jumped out of the bushes and attacked me; their leader had a knife.

Two held me; then the other two grabbed Jackie out of the car, their leader stood in front of me. Alex had hidden himself with the front seat since he was seated at the back, they did not see him; it was like they expected we would be Jackie and I alone.

“So what is so special about you that we were told not to hurt you?” Their leader asked.

I kept quiet; he hit my belly with his shoe. He then went to Jackie and started moving the knife on her face.

“She looks delicious.” He said grabbing her chest.

“Don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on her.” I said, now anger getting the better part of me.

He cut open her top and was about to do the same to her trouser wen I now lost my temper. I hit one of the guys holding me with my leg on his toes, then hit the other right on his balls and rushed to stop their leader.

By accident he stabbed me right through my right lower rib. Jackie on seeing that, she took a bite on the hand of the guy holding her right side, knocked the other on her left right into his eyes, got off her shoe and hit the guy who stabbed me on his head.

The guy turned and stabbed her twice in the stomach. This made me burn with anger; I grabbed the knife from his hands and stabbed him continuously on the chest.

Alex came out of the car and knocked out one of the guy who was about to inject me with some colorless substance on my back. He took the syringe and injected the guy who was poked in the eyes by Jackie.

The two guys who held me ran into the bushes after they saw their leader lying dead on the highway and Alex had captured the other two.

There was no way Jackie and I would make it to the hospital by road. I took my phone and dialed Officer Phil’s number, I was lucky she was awake. After rescuing me in the warehouse saga and finding out her partner was a traitor, she was promoted to a Captain.

“Hello Ham, should you not be sleeping?” She asked.

“How I wish it was not beside a cold highway watching my lady die.” I said.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Phil, on our way back from upcountry, we were attacked and stabbed. We might need to be airlifted.”

I gave Phil the location we were at and hanged up the call, Jackie made me end the call. She was bleeding too much, I needed to slow the bleeding, I cared less about my bleeding. I grabbed my jacket from the car and put pressure on her cuts.

Alex came with his scurf and we tired tight the jacket around her stomach. I was now becoming weak since I too was losing blood.

Before I could get to the car I passed out. I later woke up in a private hospital; I had a bandage around my rib, that’s when I could feel the pain. Alex then walked into the room.

“Where am I Alex?” I asked.

“You are safe Haman; someone recommended this hospital for both of you.” He said calmly.

“Where is Jackie?” I asked.

“Her cuts were severe, she is undergoing surgery but she will be okay, the doctors are doing all they can bro.”  He replied.

Just then Phil walked into the room; she was holding a police report.

“Hello guys, I would like to speak to Haman alone please.” She said.

“Phil, it is okay, he knows everything, he can stay and hear what you have to say, I owe him my life.” I told Phil.

“Okay, when you called you said you were with your girlfriend, right?” She asked.

“Yes, I was, and was with Alex too.” I told her.

“According to our reports, the guys were sent by your girlfriend.” She said.

“Wait! What?! No Phil, Jackie would never do that!” I said

“Jackie is your girlfriend?!” She asked shocked.

“Oh! Right! You meant Maureen. She is my ex.” I said now connecting what she meant.

“Well, I thought she was still your girlfriend.” Phil said.

“Not anymore, we broke up.” I said.

“The two guys arrested confessed, they said Maureen sent them to Kidnap you then Kill the other lady you were with, I suppose, your new fiancée. We have Maureen in custody.” She said.

“Phil, do me a favour, make sure you throw her to a cell and throw away the key, let her rot in there. She almost had me killed, after taking two bullets for her.” I said.

Phil wished me quick recovery and left. I now could stand but with support. I asked Alex to help me walk around.

We then met with the doctor from the surgery.

“Doc, how is she?” I asked.

The doctor looked at me with sympathetic eyes and said;

“We were able to stabilize her condition but I am sorry, we lost him.”

“Him? What do you mean you lost him doc?” I asked, now confused.

“Oh! She had not told you yet?” The doctor asked.

“Told me what?” I asked with curiosity.

“She was three months and two weeks pregnant. She had a baby boy growing inside her; he died before she arrived at the hospital, nothing we could have done. My heartfelt condolences, now if you will excuse me, I need to be back to the theatre.” The doctor said and walked away.



NB: This Story is purely the imaginary of the author (George Haman) and it contains a few scenes of his true life story. The author used his name as the main character butmuch of  the events occurring in the story are just but fiction from the author’s creativity; only selected few scenes are a true story.




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A Son I Never Got to Meet



AUTHOR: George Haman

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“So, do you know why I called you for a drink?” He asked.

“Not unless you tell me my friend.” I said smiling.

“I brought you good news, Francis sent me this.” He said handing over the envelope to me.

“What is in here?” I asked him.

“Why don’t you open it and see for yourself.” He replied smiling.

Alex too ordered for a glass of wine, I slowly opened the envelope to see what was inside, it was a book. I got it out, and I was really shocked to see it was the book I authored.

“Oh! I forgot to tell you, the company will sell the book for you for free, Courtesy of Francis.” Alex said smiling.

I picked up my phone and called Francis, I told him like a million thanks, I could not hold my joy. I ordered a full bottle of wine for me and Alex.

I called Maureen to tell her the good news but her phone was off, I tried Faith’s phone too, it was off. This was not normal at all; nevertheless, I sat and enjoyed the taste of the wine.

As you know, once u ingest a liquid, u have to excrete the waste, I was pressed so I got up and headed for the washrooms. I had barely entered the washrooms entrance, when I spotted Maureen and Faith seated with two men around a table at the corner.

I thought of walking over to them but then my body resisted, I went to the washroom, did my depositing and came back to the table.

“Is that not your girlfriend?” Alex asked

“Yes she is.” I replied with a bored tone.

“Does she know you are here?” He asked.

“Would she have switched of her phone and be seated with those guys if she did?” I asked Alex.

“Dude, I think I know that guy seated next to her.” He said.

“Oh yeah? Who is he?!!” I asked now getting tempered.

“That is her boss; the other guy is his brother.”

We were there watching them when Maureen got up, she was in a black mini skirt, she was headed to the washrooms.

I hid my face so that she could not see me, she was tipsy, could tell from her walking style. I then saw the guy next to Faith, (Brother to Maureen’s boss)’ move his hand to Faith’s thighs, Faith did not react, she just pretended nothing is happening.

This is when I knew something fishy was going on. Maureen came back and while going to sit, hit a chair and was about to fall when her boss held her by her chest.

She looked up at him and smiled. This really pissed me off, I was burning from inside. The guy next to Faith was now having his hand under her skirt, still Faith acted like nothing was happening.

I was about to react when I saw them stand up and start walking towards the exit, they held arms. One of the club workers followed them carrying a box of beer.

Alex and I decided to follow them and see what they were up to, they all got into one car and drove away. Alex had not come with his car so he got into mine and we followed them.

They all headed to Maureen’s house, Maureen opened the door and they got into the house. I had the gate’s security code so I waited till the sitting room lights were off, opened the gate slowly and we got in.

We tiptoed to the back of the house, I could now see directly into Maureen’s room, the curtains were open just a transparent net was on the window.

It was dark outside so no one could see us except for Maureen’s Dog which was my best friend since I would take it out for hikes, she could not even remember to untie it before she got into the house. We sat on a short pillar with Alex waiting to see what next, just then the room next to Maureen’s was put on lights.

The curtains were also open so I could see in there too.  I then saw Faith with just a bra on, I could not see below her stomach because of the level I was seated was a bit low.

I climbed to a tank which was placed on a height same as the rooms’ windows, Alex followed. I now could see the guy unzip Faiths skirt and slowly getting it off.

Faith just lay on the bed watching him so innocently like a Lamb waiting to be sacrificed. He removed her bra and started caressing her; he got off his shirt and belt.

My attention was then drawn by some noises in Maureen’s room. She was sitting on the window frame and her boss stood in between her legs facing her. They started kissing.

“Ham, you will sit here and watch them?” Alex asked.

“I guess I will bro.” I replied.

Just before Alex could comment, we heard the gate bell ring. Maureen looked towards the door, came down the window and went out of the room.

“Stay here Alex, I will be back.” I told Alex and climbed down the tank stand.

I went round the house and peeped to the gate. By good luck, I had parked my car in Maureen’s neighborhood so she could not see it. At the gate I saw a guy stand there holding a box.

Few minutes Maureen was out, wearing just a mini skirt and he top half open. She walked towards the gate, still tipsy. They had a short conversion with the guy, took the box and gave him cash. The guy drove away leaving Maureen with the box.

 Maureen locked the gate and walked back to the house. I tiptoed back to where I left my friend Alex.

“Man! Faith already gave in.” Alex said.

I looked through her window and saw the guy on top of her; she was squeezing the pillow pretty hard.

“Not like she was resisting.” I said to Alex.

I then saw Maureen walk back to her room holding the box.

She opened the box and got something out; I looked close and saw her holding a Piece of Pizza. She bit a piece and her boss took it from her mouth with his mouth.

They started kissing again, the boss grabbed her, put her back on the window and slowly started to undo her top; he removed her top; then went for her bra. All this time Maureen was enjoying. I was now burning inside, there was nothing I could do other than just sit and watch them.

Maureen unbuttoned his shirt, got it off, then his vest and started caressing his chest. Faith had already finished her business.

Maureen’s boss slowly removed her skirt and carried her to the bed. Maureen’s bed was at the corner of the wall with the window so I could not see them.

But then I could see their shadow at the wardrobe, her boss was now clearly standing beside the bed, totally nude. I could not watch this anymore.

“Alex let’s go.” I told Alex.

“Am sorry Man, shit happens.” Alex said as we climbed down.

I now could hear Maureen try to hold heavy breathes, I thought of getting in to the house but Alex held me back.

“It will be chaos in there, just go home and calm down bro.” He said.

I could not believe I just watched Maureen sleep with her boss. I was like a burning flame, were it not for Alex, there was to be casualties.

“Alex wait!” I then said all of a sudden.

“What is it Haman?” He asked.

“They took takeaway beer, right??!” I replied.

“Yeah, five packs, why?” He asked.

“They will drink after they finish their business; I need evidence that is tangible.” I said.

“And how do you plan on getting that?” He asked.

“I have her spare key, let us wait till they blackout then get in.” I said.

“Then after we are in?” Alex asked.

“Don’t be an idiot Alex! Take pictures of them sleeping together, that way she can never deny it.”

Alex had no choice anyway since I was his gate pass so he would go nowhere until I say so.  We went back to the tank stand and chilled. Now Maureen was lying on the bed and her boss was there beside her, touching her. Faith and her new catch were in the process to rekindle once more.

Just as expected, they all had beer cans in the rooms, they started drinking; Maureen and her boss drunk while playing with pillows. I sat there watching this nightmare happen.

After a couple of the cans were empty, they both had a blackout. We now had Faith and her guy to blackout and we get in. We did not have to wait for long; it was now some minutes to 2 am in the morning. We got in to the house, found them sleeping like reptiles which are basking in the sun. Maureen had just worn a crop top and the boss was in a short.

I took pictures of them together, went to Faith’s room and took the pictures as well. Alex and I then left the house and went to the car. I took him home then went back to my place.

I had a mini bar in my house, I took a bottle of whisky and by 4am I was in blackout. I knew there was no going to the office the following morning since it was on a weekend.

I woke up with a horrible headache, I had hangover. I drugged my feet to the shower. I had slept exactly the way I was when I got home, including my shoes; I had just drunk myself to sleep.

At the entrance to the bathroom, I started removing the shoes and the clothes. I took a towel then wrapped it round my waist.

My shower heater had malfunctioned hence I had no choice but take a cold shower since I could not repair it in my awful state. It was not the best thing someone nursing hangover would go for but I really was a mess, dirt all over.

I took my shower for quite some time, the water was cold; so was the morning. If only I had a choice, I would not have taken the shower anyway. I was to take forever in there trying to console myself were it not for a knock at my door.

I grabbed my towel, wrapped it round my waist and went to answer the knock.

It was Jackie, my secretary. I opened the door and she stood there staring at my chest.

“Hello Jackie, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“What am I doing here?! You texted me at 4 am and told me you want to see me!” She said

I laughed and said;

“Please forgive me, I was so drunk, I had no control over things I did.”

“Please come in.” I added ushering her into the house.

I had not noticed her dress code till she sat on the sofa. She was in a pink short dress, a mind blower.

“Juice or wine?” I asked her holding a bottle of juice on my left hand and wine on my right.

“Wine will do Sir.” She said.

I poured her a glass of wine then went to my room. I put on a vest and a short then came back to join her. We sat there watching documentaries.  I then thought of buying some popcorn in a shop just a few metres away.

While on my way out I met with Alex and Francis, they were headed to my house.

“Good morning Haman.” Francis greeted me.

“Good morning to you too sir.” I replied.

“Morning Ham.” Alex greeted me too.

“Morning too Alex, how are you?” I replied pretending I had not seen Alex after work.

Francis was my boss; he was a nice kind hearted man. The shop I was to buy popcorns was just a few steps away so I said to them,

“I was headed to buy some popcorns and glossaries, my fridge is empty, it’s like I had a feeling you guys would pop by.” I said smiling.

They came riding in one of the company’s car though mostly it was Francis who used to drive it.

“We will wait for you here then, and you should get a wife to do that for you.” Francis said smiling.

I looked at Alex, smiled sheepishly then looked at Francis and said,

“I will sir, but not anytime soon I suppose.”

“Why not soon?” He asked.

“Let’s just say not ready for commitment yet sir.” I replied now walking towards the shop.

I bought a couple of staffs, put them in their car and walked ahead of them so as to go and open the gate for them. They drove in to the parking lot, I got my shopping out and we went to the house. They both were surprised to meet Jackie in my house.

Alex gave me a stare, I knew what was in his mind; I smiled and shook my head. Jackie stood up, shaking hands with Francis, she said;

“Good Morning Sir?”

“Good Morning to you too. Never thought I would find you here.” Francis said smiling at me.

“Sir, Haman called me over so that I could help him draft some details concerning Monday’s paper.” She replied.

I never saw that coming, Jackie was not only smartly dressed but also had smart brains. I served them all wine, then for me I took whisky.

“Haman we are here concerning your book.” Francis said.

“Book? Which book? You have written a book?” Jackie asked surprised.

I smiled, went to the Books cabinet and took out the copy Alex had given me; I had just put it there when I woke up.

“This book Jackie.” I said giving her the book to see.

“Your book is really on demand Haman; I want you to tell me how you want it distributed.” Francis said.

“Sir, I think it would be best if distributed like the newspapers. It is much easier that way.” I said.

“That is a brilliant idea; the company is ready to support you Haman.” Francis said.

“Thank you sir. Since the company will distribute it for me at no price, I would like 10% of the total sales to be used for the company’s maintenance and 20% to be donated to the poor and to children’s homes.” I said.

“You really have a golden heart Haman.” Francis said.

“Thank you sir. Now if you guys will excuse me, I want to prepare something for you to eat.” I said, heading to the Kitchen.

I made some quick recipe food, Pasta Boulogne and Maryland Chicken. I brought the food to the table, served them, as usual gave thanks for the meal and we ate.

It was few minutes past noon, Francis and Alex said they wanted to leave. I saw the shine in Alex’s eyes; I know he had something to say.

I walked them to the car; Alex looked to have a lot to say only that he could not say it because our boss was around.

“We shall get in touch Ham.” Alex said winking at me.

I opened the gate for them, watched them leave then closed the gate. I went back to the house and found Jackie had cleared the table, she was now washing the dishes.

“Why did you not tell me that they were coming sir?” She asked.

“I didn’t know either Jackie. Call me Haman, or Ham.” I replied, heading to the kitchen.

That is when I got a good view of her, she really was beautiful, I just could not get my eyes off her. Was about to approach her when my phone rang, it was Faith, I rejected the call. She called again and this time put it on voicemail.

Few minutes later, it rang again, this time it was Maureen. I ignored the call, walked towards Jackie and stood behind her. I started touching her shoulders and slowly turned her to face me. She looked at me with sparkling eyes, and wore a beautiful smile.

“Can I ask you something Jackie, as a friend?” I asked her.

“Yeah sure, Sir you can.” She replied.

I gave her a stare then she corrected herself and said, “Sorry, Haman.”

I smiled and said, “Do you think am a nice person?”

“You the sweetest person I know Haman.” She said looking me in the eyes.

Then pictures of Maureen and her boss flashed in my mind, I held Jackie, now feeling anger for Maureen, I looked her in to her eyes and kissed her.

She did not resist, instead she held me and kissed me back, it was like she was awaiting it.

I lifted her and placed her on top of the kitchen’s bottom cabinets, she removed my vest and said,

“I love your chest Ham.”

I smiled and kissed her now for longer, I could note her getting carried away. Before she knew it, she was in another world.

After it all had happened, it was when it hit my conscious, we used no protection and she was my Secretary. I felt guilt but it had already happened, after all, Maureen had betrayed me.

“That was magical Sir Haman.” She said putting on her dress.

I did not respond, I just looked at her and smiled. I have to admit, Jackie was magical, she was something else, took me to a place not even Maureen ever did.

“Jackie, I am human, I am not perfect but you are so irresistible.” I said.

“You are irresistible too Ham.” She replied drawing a love heart with her index finger on my chest.

“I have a question Jackie, and don’t take it the wrong way please.” I said.

“Go on, am all ears.” She replied.

 “Do you have a boyfriend, Fiancée maybe?” I asked.

“Currently none, we parted ways six months ago. He left me for my best friend.” She said, trying to hide her pain with a smile.

“I am sorry for that.” I said.

“It is okay sir, I accepted it. What about you?”

“No I don’t!” I replied

“How can a handsome guy like you lack someone?” She asked

“Well, I used to have a fiancée but not anymore.” I replied with a heavy tone.

“Why? What happened?!” She asked, curiosity building up in her voice.

“We rather not talk about it my dear.” I said

“Come on, just a hint please?” She begged.

“Okay, she slept with her boss. Now, can we change the topic please?”

Jackie put her arms on her mouth and opened her eyes wide open, like someone who had seen a zombie.

“Are you okay dear?” I asked.

“I slept with my boss too!!” She burst out.

“No you didn’t Jackie. In here am not your boss, I am your new best friend and from today let’s just say, am your boss for formalities, otherwise as far as we are concerned am no longer your boss but your close friend.” I said calmly.

“Really Haman?” She asked.

“Yes Jackie, I don’t want what happened to affect our relation at work. You are a nice Secretary, am not ready to lose you.” I replied smiling.


This Story is Courtesy of the Author, George Haman.

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A Son I Never Got to Meet



AUTHOR: George Haman

WHATSAPP: +254 798952111

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………….”Babe, you have done so much for me. The little profit I used to make daily, I would bank half of it. You remember our last sale at my business? We made a huge profit, I oversaw my target by far and that is the money I am treating you with. Actually I already paid for your car love, I already cleared the outstanding balance, you can pick it up anytime.”

She smiled and said, “Thanks love. I just spent a little more than my usual this month.”

“Babe, Faith, I have something to tell you two.” I said smiling.

“What is it?” They asked in unison.

“I have already published the 1st phase of my book, Francis had a friend by the name Bernard; he owned a publishing company.  Courtesy of Francis, Bernard published my book at a fair price. I have only six chapters remaining and the book will be fully published.” I said.

“Wow! Babe that is really good news! Am proud of you love.” Maureen said.

“I now see why champagne. Congratulations Haman, make sure the first two copies are ours.” Faith added smiling.

“I sure will give you two the first copies of the book.” I replied

It was past midnight, we had to go home; I had just stood up when it started raining heavily.

Maureen suggested we just wait for the rain to subsidies then we leave, her wish was always my command. We sat there giving stories. Just then a man walked in and caught everyone’s attention. He had a black raincoat, a black hut and wore black gloves in his palms.

He looked familiar though I was not so sure if it was the person I perceived. The guy looked around and spotted our table. He started walking towards our table. I was not wrong, I had seen him before. It was Ricky, the guy from the boutique.

He came and stood in front of Maureen, gazed at her saying nothing. This was getting really uncomfortable for us all.

“What are you staring at? May I help you Ricky?” Maureen asked.

I could feel fear in her voice, she was frightened.

“Yes Maureen, you can help me with something.” He said.

“And what’s that?” Maureen asked.

“I have a car waiting outside; I need you to come with me!” He replied.

“Am sorry Ricky but I cannot come with you; I don’t want to go with you anywhere!” Maureen said.

“Okay then; I guess I will have to make you come with me.” Ricky said pulling off a knife from his raincoat.

When I saw the knife, I knew he was to do something fishy, I had to act and act fast. By now Maureen was shaking because of fear.

I stood up and said, “Hey dude! What’s the meaning of all this?”

“Sit down!” Ricky shouted now pointing the knife to me face, attracting more attention.

I sat down and asked, “Why are u doing this?”

Ricky ignored my question and looked at Maureen. He then said;

“If I will not have you then no man will ever do.”

His words drove me crazy. My temper started rising, all this time Faith sat scared to death.

“What did you just say?!” I asked

“You heard me boy! If am not sleeping by her tonight then no man will ever do.”

I banged the table, grabbed Ricky by the neck, burning with anger. He was about to stab me on the chest but I raised my left arm and took the cut on the arm instead.

“Okay then, I will come with you, just don’t hurt anyone.” Maureen said getting up.

“Babe, don’t do it!” I shouted.

“Love, it is the last thing I want to do but if it’s the only thing that will keep you safe, I will go with him hun. I love you.” Maureen said

She walked past Ricky and then Ricky followed her behind. After they were just a few steps from my seat, I grabbed a fork and shove it on Ricky’s left arm.

He swung his right hand towards me, (the hand holding the knife) trying to stab me again, I blocked it with my left hand once more, grabbed a dinner knife and stabbed his right shoulder, he dropped the knife.

Maureen and Faith panicked and ran towards the exit. The hotel’s security took Ricky to custody; I recorded a statement then followed Maureen and Faith. When I got to the parking, there was no sign of either of them but the car Faith came with’ (her car), was still at the parking lot.

The driver’s door of the car was wide open; the car keys were at the ignition. Just then I looked up and saw a car speeding out of the hotel’s premises. I got into Faith’s car and started following the car, I could now see Maureen and Faith from the rear window.

There was a man seated next to them, he seemed to be tying them up. I ghost followed the car to an abandoned warehouse; it was just a few metres off the highway.

The car pulled over in front of the warehouse, the driver came out, opened the back door and pulled out Maureen. The other guy at the back seat pulled out Faith.

To avoid being detected, I put off the car’s headlights and switched off the engine. The two men drugged Maureen and Faith into the warehouse.

I followed from a distance, not letting them get out of my sight. I took a metallic bar on the floor to use it if need be. The two separated, each taking a lady with him, I followed the guy with Maureen.

He ripped off her dress and was now struggling to get off her bra, I rushed towards him and hit him with the metal on his head, he dropped unconscious. Maureen was now in trauma, she just stood there gazing at me. I had to hurry and help Faith too.

“Love stay behind me.” I told Maureen

“He wanted to rape me!” Maureen said still in shock.

I now knew Maureen was not in her right senses, I took her in my arms, took her to the car then rushed back to the warehouse.

 I started searching for Faith; I was not sure which room she had been taken. I then heard sounds in a room just next to where I was, I walked in to the room slowly; it was a bit dark though there was lighting from outside.

I could now see Faith lying on a table with no clothes on, the guy had just removed his trouser. I was pissed off to see that he had already undressed her and was about to rape her, I went running towards him.

He heard me running and turned, by the time he realized what was going on, I had swung the metal I was holding and landed it on his genitals. I knocked him again on the head like I was knocking a golf ball.

Faith was unconscious; I dressed her up and carried her out. When I got out I found some guy holding Maureen outside the car.

“Drop your weapon or I blow off her brains.” He said.

I was about to throw the metal bar at him, aiming for his head, when he held Maureen by the hair and shouted;

“One more step and she is dead, try something stupid, she dies.”

I had no choice; I threw aside the metal rod and carefully put Faith down.

“Okay, what now? Are you going to kill us like sheep?” I asked.

“No, am going to make you watch me make love to your girl then her friend then I kill you.” The guy said now releasing Maureen’s hair.

That was one big mistake he made, making me watch him sleep with my Maureen was a death sentence and I would be both the judge and the executer.

“You better make sure am dead before you do that.” I said.

The guy moved closer and that was then I saw his face, I knew him. He was the guy who attacked me with his two friends the night we had dinner with Maureen.

“Wait; are you not the guy who attacked me that night?” I asked

He chuckled and replied, “I see you got good Memory.”

“Should you not be in prison? I saw Evance arrest you!” I said, now confused.

“About that, you need to know who to trust my friend.” He replied

“I am not your friend you piece of shit.” I replied angrily.

“Call me whatever you desire but you will watch me pump a seed into her (Maureen) and her lying beside you (Faith). Money can buy you freedom you know!” He said grabbing Maureen by the hand and pointing his gun at me.

I then heard a gunshot, I touched myself all over to confirm if I had been shot, just then I saw the guy drop to the ground like a watermelon falling off a transport truck.

“Are you guys okay?” I heard a lady’s voice ask from behind me.

I turned back but could see no one because it was dark. The guys had put just one security light at the entrance of the warehouse the rest were inside the house.

I then saw someone walking towards me with a flashlight, I could now see her face; it was Officer Phil, the partner to Evance.

“Yeah Phil we good, just that the ladies have had a trauma.” I said.

“Why is she on the ground?” Phil asked pointing at Faith.

“Oh, some guy in there knocked her out so as to rape her but got in on time just before he started.” I replied.

The guy holding a gun at me had lost consciousness after the bullet hit his chest but was not dead, Maureen had said not even a single word; she just sat on the ground gazing in the air.

Phil called for the paramedics and twenty minutes later two ambulances were there. Maureen and Faith were put in one, then the two guys in the warehouse and the guy shot on the chest put in the other, handcuffed to the bars in the ambulance.

“I will need you to come with me to the station and record a statement Ham.” Phil said.

“Before that Phil, I have a question.” I said.

“Go on, ask your question Ham.” She replied politely.

“How did he get out of Prison?” I asked.

“It’s a long story Haman.” She replied.

“Make it short Phil because there is no way a guy I left in your custody could be loose in the streets hunting me down like a rabbit. I want answers and I want them now!” I said, now a bit harsh.

“Okay, calm down Haman, I will tell you how he got away.” She said.

“Am all ears Phil, start talking.” I replied.

“The guy asked for his lawyer since it was his legal rights to be entitled to one, he made a deal with the lawyer to pay off Evance so that he could help him escape.” She started.

“Evance on hearing about the deal, it was an offer he could not refuse, he took the money and let go the guy. After it was discovered the guy had escaped, investigations were done and we found out Evance helped him; that was when Evance went missing. I knew his secret safe house so I went to see if that is where he was hiding. I found him on a pool of his own blood and that’s when he told me the guy’s plan since the guy had told him all he was to do before he shot him and left him to die.” Phil said.

“I could not trust anyone since my own partner betrayed me so I decided to follow him alone and he led me here. That is how I got to rescue your lives.” Phil added.

I was now at peace knowing who betrayed me and whom I would trust, I could not believe that Evance had betrayed me though, yet we had been friends for a couple of years.

“Thanks Phil, I will ride in Faith’s car if you don’t mind.” I said.

“It’s okay Ham, no problem at all.” She said.

We hit the road towards the station, I was leading and she followed in her police car, she was a couple of metres away though since I kind of loved being a fast driver. We had just driven halfway when I heard a big bang followed by the sound screeching tyres.

It was my tyre which had been hit by a bullet, I lost control since I was speeding and my car rolled three times. I was lucky I had my safety belt fastened and the airbag was functional, I just got a scratch on my head.

I was struggling to unfasten my safety belt when I saw a man in the dark approaching the car I was in; he was holding a gun in his right hand. Before he got close enough, Phil arrived and saw my car upside down, she put on the siren. When the guy heard the siren, he started shooting at her.

Phil stopped the car and took cover, they started exchanging bullets. I got time to get off the seat belt and I slowly opened the car door, I could see the guy just a few metres away from where I was, he was hiding behind a tree.

He fired his last shot and his magazine ran out, Phil had at most two bullets left. Before the guy could reload, I went running and spear-charged him to the ground. We exchanged blows, he was more masculine but that did not matter to me since in the ghetto I used to hang around some Karate sports center, so I would steal defense styles and train on my own.

The guy pinned me to the ground gave me a face punch but before he could land his second blow, I hit him with my elbow on his rib putting him aside. He reached out for his gun, he loaded it and was about to shoot me right through my chest when Phil shot him right through his head.

He was wearing a face mask, I uncovered the mask and there he was, Ricky! He had overpowered the hotel guards and escaped; now he lay there motionless. Phil called for backup now this was getting out of hand. Faith’s car was put on a carrier truck and transported to the garage; I was left with no choice but ride with Phil.

We dropped by the station, I recorded a statement and Phil drove me to the hospital where Faith, Maureen and the three guys were taken. On arrival the doctor told us that the guy shot on his chest did not make it but the other two had severe head injuries and still alive.

Faith was now conscious and Maureen was recovering from being traumatized, they both were in the same ward.

“Hello Ham, you must be the one who saved my life.” Faith said

“How did you know that?” I asked.

“Because am wearing your Jacket.” She replied smiling.

“I did what friends do for each other. Focus on fully recovery….. Oh! Before I forget, insurance will pay for your car.” I said smiling back.

“What happened to it?” She asked looking a bit worried.

“I rolled in it, Ricky shot the front tyre and I lost control.” I said

Before Faith could respond, Maureen gazed at me leg and said;

“Oh My Goodness! Babe you are bleeding!”

I looked at my trouser and it was getting soaked in blood, I sure had lost a lot of blood but I didn’t notice since it was being absorbed by a piece of cloth in my pocket and I had been rained on so was a bit wet.

Ricky had cut me while fighting him but never paid attention to it since there was little pain. I started feeling dizzy and could barely stand, I would have fell on the hard ground were it not for Phil, she grabbed me before I fell. The last thing I heard before I passed out was the three ladies calling the doctors.

Couple of hours later I came back to, I was having a drip on my arm, on top was a pack of blood. Maureen, Faith and Phil stat beside my bed waiting for me to wake up.

I opened my eyes and asked, “For how long have I been asleep?”

“Two hours. Welcome back Ham.” Phil replied.

“Thank You. Whose blood is this am getting?” I asked.

Phil smiled and looked at Faith. She then said;

“She is a universal donor, she made the sacrifice. Maureen’s blood does not match yours so she could not donate.”

I looked at Maureen, smiled and said, “I love you hunie.”

I then looked at Faith and said, “Thanks Faith for saving my life.”

Three days later, I was discharged from the hospital. I went back to work and Maureen’s leave was over, so was Faith’s. We would just meet in the evening after work; the days were now getting boring.

I would spend all day in the office by myself. I requested to be given a secretary, two days later my request was granted, her name was Jackie. She was of chocolate complexion and was fairly tall. The very first weeks she was dressing dresses past her knees, very professional, until one day her friends working in the company corrupted her mind.

One morning she came to work in a tight mini skirt, that day became my longest day ever. I could not help it but stare at her for hours. I could barely concentrate at my work; this lady had really fine legs. That day I did not finish much of my assignment, I carried work home.

The following morning she came in a shorter skirt than the previous one, I could not stand it anymore, I went to work in a different office to avoid temptations. In the evening I requested my office to be partitioned so that she could have her own space.

I was walking to the parking lot which was underground of the building, when I met with a friend working in a different office; he invited me for a drink. Because the following day was weekend and there was no going to work, I accepted the invitation, his name was Alex.

The company had given me a company car to use before I could purchase my own, so I told Alex I would meet him at the BLEND CLUB at around 9pm we have a drink.

I got into my car and drove off the parking lot. I had just barely passed the entrance gate when I met Jackie, (my secretary), stranded on the road. I slowed down, lowered my window and asked,

“Everything okay Jackie?”

“No Sir! Someone stole my fare home; it’s a bit far I can’t walk.” She replied.

It would be uncouth to leave my secretary stranded on the road so no matter how I tried to avoid her; I had to give her a ride home.

“Where do you live Jackie?” I asked.

“Accra Street Sir.” She replied.

“Get in, I am headed that way.” I said

Jackie got in and sat on the front seat, next to me. I stared at her for almost a minute before I got the car back to motion. When she sat, the skirt went up a little bit, she didn’t seem to be bothered by that, I put my eyes on the road to avoid looking at her thighs but would find myself stealing a glance at them once in a while.

We got to Accra Street; I dropped her off and drove to my place. I took a shower, wore my casual clothes and started my journey to meet Alex at Club Blend.

I met Alex had not yet arrived so I ordered a glass of wine and sat there watching football as I awaited Alex. Few minutes later he walked in holding an envelope.

He came over to where I was sitting; he seemed to be in a happy and jovial mood.

“Did I keep you waiting for so long? Am sorry.” He said

“I just got here ten minutes ago so no worries.” I replied.

“So, do you know why I called you for a drink?” He asked.


This Story is Courtesy of the Author, George Haman.

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A Son I Never Got to Meet



AUTHOR: George Haman

WHATSAPP: +254 798952111

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By evening we had sold all my stock, we had to get more. Faith drove us to my supplier’s place; we picked more stock, took it to the store and went out for dinner.

I was still in my faded clothes with 5 pairs of Tuxedo suits in the trunk of the car, Maureen tried to convince me to wear one but I refused. We had our dinner and then later on headed for home.

Since the car would not get to my place, Maureen suggested this time we go to her place so that she would drop me off for my interview. I was about to reject her proposal when Faith cut in and now on Maureen’s side. I had no option, I accepted.

Before we drove to her home, we passed by a boutique, Maureen got me some casual clothes. Faith decided to top up and got me some fancy shoes. While at the counter, a man elegantly dressed walked past me to Maureen and said;

“Hello Maureen, do you remember me? We met at the coffeehouse.”

Maureen stared at the guy trying to recall but seemed not to.

“You don’t recall me, Ricky, does that name ring a bell?” The guy said.

“Oh! Hi Ricky, meet my fiancée Haman, and Faith, my best friend.” Maureen said pointing at us.

The guy looked at me in despise, I could see disgust written all over his face but did not care anyway. He faked a smile and asked Maureen;

“Wow, can see you really have changed after I saw you last. How about we grab coffee together maybe on weekend?”

Maureen just smiled and said;

“Am sorry but I got plans with my guy. Was nice meeting you again Ricky but if you don’t mind, I am next at the counter, let me pay my bill please.”

“I can pay for that, come on, how much is it?” Ricky asked.

“Ricky with all due respect, I always pay my bills! So now if you will excuse me….!” Maureen replied with a harsh tone.

I almost laughed out loud was it not that I saw Maureen’s face had changed.

“Babe, are you okay?” I asked her holding her arm.

“Yes love, am fine.” She said, now trying to force a smile.

Ricky felt embarrassed; he walked out of the boutique with his head facing down. That is when I realized how much Maureen would do, how far she would go, just to protect our newly born relationship.

She paid the bill and we drove to her place. On the way, Faith picked up some guy.

“Guys, meet Miche, my fiancé.” Faith said.

Maureen had met him before but for formalities, Faith had to introduce him. Maureen had this beautiful huge mansion, it had two guest rooms and her master bedroom upstairs and three guestrooms on the ground floor.

She had a beautiful dining room and a huge modern kitchen. After the entrance door, was the waiting room then the common room (Sitting Room) then just beside the common room was the dining room which was separated from the kitchen by a wall with a window at the centre.

The window is where food got through in to the dining room from the Kitchen. This was on the right wing of the house. On the left wing, there was a short hall way leading to the three guestrooms on the ground floor.

At Maureen’s house Miche and I had a glass of juice as Faith and Maureen went to prepare supper. Few minutes later, dinner was ready; we all gathered at the dining table, said a prayer and started eating. For dessert, Maureen gave us wine.

I felt like I was in paradise, never had such a meal in my life. Maureen had plenty of wine, Miche and Faith took a glass after another, so did Maureen.

I would have too but I had to be sober for my interview. Alcohol started getting into their heads and before I knew it, Maureen started forcing more wine on me. My efforts to remain the sober one were futile; I joined the club, drunk like never before.

 Maureen and Miche had taken way too much; they lost it and had a blackout. Faith was still a little bit sober.

I took Maureen, carried her to her room, staggering though, then came and helped Faith take Miche to their room. I needed to freshen up so as to b sober again, I took a towel in Maureen’s wardrobe, removed my clothes, wrapped the towel round my waist and went to shower.

On opening the shower room in Maureen’s bedroom, I saw the shower was under repair, I had to use the other guestroom.

I passed by the room Miche and Faith were, the door was open. Faith had changed into her night dress, she saw me pass by with a towel on my waist. I did not bother to lock the guestroom since only Faith was awake and she had seen me go to shower so there was no need of locking myself in the room.

I got in to the shower room, removed the towel, closed the bathroom shier and started humming a song while taking the shower. I was facing away from the door and got carried away by the flow of the water from the shower.

I had preferred the over-head shower to the bathtub since I needed to get sober. The feeling of the warm water cascade down my body was a feeling I never had for long.

I was busy enjoying my shower when someone touched me from behind. I slowly turned and there she was; Faith stood just in front of me, her night dress now getting wet.

The dress started to stick on her body due to the water pouring on her from the shower; I could see her nipples from the dress. Faith smiled at me then came closer and started caressing my chest; I put my arms on my lower waist to cover it up.

Even if I was under alcohol, I was torn between two choices, make her stop, or caress her chest too, (which was pointing twelve o’clock by now). This was really hard for me, on one hand, her touch, her body; they both were driving me crazy.

On the other hand, if I fall into her trap, that will ruin what we have with Maureen.

“I can’t do this Faith.” I said.

“Come one Haman, it’s only me and you. Nobody will ever know.” She replied, now getting rid of her dress.

Men! I was between a rock and a hard service. In front of me is a nude lady, my fiancée’s best friend, wanting us to make out and my fiancée is sleeping drunk on her bed just two rooms away, not made love to her yet.

We started kissing, I was now caressing her; she was really a good kisser. The shower was busy raining on us as we kissed and touched, it made it more romantic.

Faith had a chest hard to resist touching, her body was that of a curvy bottle. I was about to lift her up on the bathroom counter, where one would put their makeup and other things of the sort and also do shaving, when I felt guilt strike my conscious.

I pushed her away and said, “Faith this should not be happening, am sorry for the kissing. You are drunk, I was drunk too.”

By now I was sober again. I left her in the shower room and walked out. Just before I was out of the main room she called me and said,

“Haman I am sorry for what has happened. I just could not help it, I saw your chest when you passed by our room and it drove me crazy.

“It’s okay Faith, best thing is we just kissed and nothing much. This should never happen again.” I replied and walked out.

I went and got dressed up for bed. Was about to switch off the lights when Faith Knocked on the door, Maureen was still asleep. I opened up and there she was, all dressed up, now a bit sober.

“Haman, I don’t want you living with guilt because of me, take this.” She said handing over some white small tablet.

“What is this? I asked

“That is a pill that will help u forget what happened. It will wipe off your memory of the last three hours. She said as she threw her tab in the mouth and swallowed it.

I thought it was another prank to get me to sleep with her so I threw mine in the mouth and hid it under my tongue. About fifteen minutes later while standing there watching her, Faith asked me;

 “Hey Haman, have you seen Miche?”

Whaaaat! The tab was working! By now I had already removed mine from the mouth and threw it away.

Faith would remember only up to the time they left Miche and I and went to cook with Maureen.

“Miche is sleeping in the next room Faith. Don’t wake him up, he said he is exhausted.” I told her, now perplexed by the capabilities of that drug.

“Thank you Haman, have a good night, and be nice to Maureen, she is a sweet angel.” Faith said and left.

“Good night too Faith.” I replied.

I went back to the room, lay on the bed and started thinking, what was that drug? Where did Faith get it? Should I take it too or should I live with the little dirty secret??

I lay there getting no answers to my numerous questions. I could not get sleep so I got my phone and started playing a football game, I loved football, but not like I was starting to love Maureen.

I played the game, got bored, started going through Maureen’s photos in her Album, she had beautiful pictures.

I started playing a word puzzle game in the phone called Jumble.

I had played for about an hour when I started to hear whispers.

 I stopped playing and listened more carefully. At first I thought it was Maureen dreaming but when I listened closer, I heard the whispers, now a bit more clear.

The whispers were coming from the next room, the room where Miche and Faith were. I stopped paying more attention and continued with my game. After about ten minutes, I heard Faith start to produce funny voices like one who was being chased, then followed sounds like that sound of a slap.

Well, yes, it was what I thought, babies were being made. I thought Maureen was deep asleep but I was shocked when she asked,

“Honey, is that Faith and Miche am hearing?”

“Yea love, it’s them.” I replied.

“For how long have you been awake?” I added.

“Not for long, just woke up when you stepped on me getting the photo album.” She replied.

I was relieved she heard nothing we said with Faith. It was around 2am; Maureen held me around my waist and then came crosser. She started kissing my cheeks then went to my lips. At least this time I was not as naive as before; I kissed her back.

She removed my T-shirt and with one hand started caressing my chest; the other hand was on my head, slowly rubbing it around my hair. She then got on top of me, I removed her top. (When I brought her to sleep, I only had removed her bra, the rest of her clothes she was wearing during the day, she still was in them.)

I started to caress her as we kissed. One thing led to the other and the other led to the next and Maureen too was making sounds similar to those been made by Faith. I can’t recall the times but all I recall is when I looked at the watch it was quarter to six, my interview was to be at 8.

I got off bed, went to the kitchen and made Toasts for everyone. I was about to make coffee when Maureen came in.

“Come on love, you making me look lazy! I will do the rest go shower.” She said.

“How about we cook together hun? I love cooking so you like it or not am going nowhere till breakfast is ready!” I replied smiling.

“Okay then stubborn one, sit over there and keep me company.” She said.

“Mmmh! That sounds much better now, that I can do my love.” I said.

I sat there watching and admiring her as she made the remaining part of breakfast.  Even with shaggy hair, Maureen was still beautiful. Breakfast was ready and I helped her set the dining table and also take the breakfast to the dining table.

“Faith and Miche, breakfast is ready.” Maureen shouted.

“We coming sweetheart.” Faith shouted back.

They came down, joined us and sat around the table. We joined hands, said a morning prayer and took our breakfast. I had never thought one day I would wake up to such a heavy breakfast. Maureen and I went to take a shower together. We took eternity in there, playing in the bathtub like little babies.

By around seven o’clock, everyone was ready. Faith really loved driving so as usual she was the one with the car keys. We dropped Miche by his office and then proceeded to the newspaper company for my interview.

It was a different company, not the one I used to sell for newspapers, this one had a larger market demand and was loved more by people.

My interviewer was Francis, Maureen’s friend. I had decided to carry a few copies of the newspaper drafts I used to do corrections and word puzzles and just few pages of my book.

Francis was mesmerized by my work; I got the job even without academic papers. I was the new assistant editor of the ‘WestHome Newspaper Company’.

My salary was not huge as such but was far much better than what I was getting from my hustle. I had to quit my vending of the other newspaper but instead of just closing up with new stock unsold, I gave a friend the business to run as his own.

I introduced him to my supplier and also to the newspaper company as their new dealer. I reported to work officially the following day, transformed from a faded clothes hustle guy to a tuxedos guy.

My belongings at the slums, I shared them amongst my neighbours and left each some money, I had to rent a house in town now that I had a salary and I could afford to pay rent.

My job at WestHome was to proofread the newspapers and create word puzzles for the paper so I wasn’t busy as such. Maureen and Faith would come to hangout in my office; we would go out for lunch together and back to the office after lunch.

They would help me come up with word puzzles and also gave me company. One morning, the two had gone out shopping and the car broke down so they were stuck, could not make it to my office because they had to take care of the car.

I was bored that day so I texted Maureen and told her I want to take her out for a date.

“Hey love, wear your best dress tonight am taking you for a date, meet me at The Breeze Resort and Spa at 8 O’clock in the evening.” That was the message I sent.

After work, I went to my new apartment, took a shower to freshen up, wore my best suit and of course used some spray to smell sweet. I took a cab to the Resort, I was fifteen minutes late. I forgot to charge my phone, the battery died.

Just after driving for like a mile and a half, we got stuck on traffic, there was an accident ahead of us. I had not put Maureen’s number to my head so there was no way I could borrow a phone to call her.

By the time we were out of the long, snail moving traffic jam, it was already half past nine. I got at the Resort at ten o’clock, I met Maureen super pissed off at me; she was on her way out.

“Baby I am sorry!” I said.

“Save your apologies Haman, I already called Faith to pick me up.” She said.

“Hear me out first love. I was stuck in traffic for more than an hour, watch the news, there was an accident on the road I used to get here!” I said pointing at the Television which was covering the accident.

When she saw the news she relaxed and politely said;

“You kept me waiting for two hours hunie!”

“Am sorry love, but I am here now, let me make it up to you hun?” I said smiling.

We walked back to the reserved table and sat down. I called the Restaurant manager, her name was Anita.

“Excuse me Ma’am; can I talk to you for a moment please?” I said.

Anita looked at me and came to my table and said;

“Good evening sir, my name is Anita, I am the restaurant manager; how may I be of help to you please?”

“I would like a bottle of champagne, at least five years old, please?”

Anita called over one of her waiters and handed over the order. Just then Faith walked in to the restaurant.

“Ma’am, we might need an extra glass please.” I told Anita.

Faith looked worried; she spotted our table and came over.

“You sounded mad dear, is everything okay?” She asked Maureen.

“Yes am fine dear, was just a misunderstanding.” Maureen replied.

“Talking of misunderstandings, Haman where is your phone?” Faith asked.

“Yea, babe why are you offline?” Maureen added.

“I forgot to charge it, babe you know am not yet used to phones. Its battery died while in the cab before I was caught up in the traffic; that is why I did not call to say I will be late. I take full fall for that hun, my bad, am sorry.” I said.

The waiter then came with our order and since I was the host, I did the wine tasting.

“I love it, go ahead and serve it.” I told the waiter.

The waiter served the ladies first, starting with my queen then Faith then me.

“Wow! Champagne, what are we celebrating? Are you guys going to get engaged today?” Faith asked smiling.

“Nothing big, just our love and my new job. I am celebrating my Maureen.” I replied.

We started enjoying the wine though I could see tension in Maureen. That month she had spent much already. I could read it in her eyes; she thought I could not meet the bills. After the glass was empty, I took the menu and started going through it.

“Ladies, what are you having for dinner?” I asked.

They made their order and I made mine too. I now could see frustration in Maureen’s face. We took our dinner, it was almost 12 midnight. The waiter came with the bill and placed it on the table.

Maureen looked at me, I smiled confidently. She took the bill and could not hide her shock.

“We ate this much?” She asked

“How much is it?” I asked.

She passed the bill over to me; I looked at it and smiled. I then got out a credit card and gave the waiter to swipe. Maureen now got puzzled.

Before she could ask anything, I said to her;

“Babe, you have done so much for me. The little profit I used to make daily, I would bank half of it. You remember our last sale at my business? We made a huge profit, I oversaw my target by far and that is the money I am treating you with. Actually I already paid for your car love, I already cleared the outstanding balance, you can pick it up anytime.”



This Story is Courtesy of the Author, George Haman.

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A Son I Never Got to Meet



AUTHOR: George Haman

WHATSAPP: +254 798952111

FACEBOOK: Author George Haman


“I will be back Darling, don’t move.” I said to Maureen and opened the door.

I could not let Jed come in so I closed the door behind me and walked towards Jed, he was holding a set of writing scripts.

“How much did they cost?” I asked.

“Seven hundred and fifty.” Jed replied.

“Thank you so much my friend.” I said, getting out a hundred note and giving it to Jed.

I walked into the room and found Maureen holding another set of the same. She had found them under my thin mattress.

“What are these Haman?” Maureen asked perplexed.

“Those there my dear, are my hope for the future.” I said.

“I have a degree in linguistics my dear, I just couldn’t find a job so decided to pursue my passion. That you holding there is a copy of the first seven chapters of a book I am writing.” I added.

I could see shock in Maureen when I told her I was a graduate. She thought I was a school dropout though my eloquence kind of confused her.

“Huh! I thought you are a form four leaver maybe but then your eloquence and how fluent you are when talking made me have a lot of questions.” She said.

“Do you mind if I read your book?” She added.

“Of course not dear, go ahead.” I replied.

It was cold so I got Maureen one of my T-shirts and a pair of short. She started reading the book, I took a pen and lay on the floor; I started writing chapter eight of the book.

Maureen got carried away by the content in the book, the book’s title was “The Girl From the Other Side.” Two hours later, she was still glued to the book; I got exhausted and was now sleepy.

“Are you not going to late for work tomorrow sweetheart?” I asked her.

She looked up and said, “Oh! Sorry honey, I forgot to tell you, I took a one month leave.”

“Wow! That is great my dear.” I replied.

“Talking of great, your book is brilliant, I love it dear.” She said.

“Thanks dearest, am glad you like it.” I replied.

“I don’t like it Haman, I love it! I will do all I can to help you publish it, it is so inspiring.” She said.

“Thanks honey. I am now sleepy and tomorrow is a busy day for me.” I said.

She put the book a side, held me tight and we slept on my less than an inch thick mattress, she lay her head on my chest.

In the morning I woke up before her, washed the dishes we had used for supper; that is my one plate and two spoons and the sufurias.

Maureen had bought bread and long life milk before she came; I prepared breakfast and went to shower. I took a cold shower for it always would suit me best. Few minutes later, I was out of the shower, ready to face the day. When I came back, I found Maureen had woken up.

“Morning sunshine? Rise and shine.” I said smiling.

“Morning too handsome. Why did you not wake me up?” She asked yawning.

“Because one, you have no work today, and two, you were sleeping so peacefully, would be rude to wake you my dear.” I said.

“Oh, and I made you breakfast.” I added pouring her a cup of tea.

After she took breakfast, she went to take a shower. My neighbours were now all awake; they stared at her walk into the bathroom like they had seen an Angel from heaven. Maureen did not mind them; she took her shower and got dressed up.

“Today, I am coming with you to work.” Maureen said.

I could not resist since I needed company anyway. We got out of the house and headed for work. On getting to where Maureen used to drop me off, we found her friend waiting for us with Maureen’s car.

“Haman, this is my friend Faith. Faith, this is my guy, Haman.” Maureen introduced us to each other.

I now was sure; Maureen did not only love me but always was not ashamed to be associated with me. It was the best feeling ever.

“Pleasure meeting you Haman. I will drive you guys to town.” Faith said smiling.

We got into the car and drove off. Faith then branched off the road to my working area and was headed towards an estate where only the rich lived.

“Where are you taking us?” I asked now discombobulated.

“It’s okay Darling, I told her to take us somewhere for a few minutes before we go to work.” Maureen said politely.

“Oh! I thought she was kidnapping us!” I said smiling.

They both laughed out loud. We drove for about a mile then branched again at an entrance to a shopping mall.

“What are you two ladies up to?  You want to sell me at a shopping mall?” I asked sarcastically.

“Haha, don’t waste your time, nobody can buy me!” I added now laughing.

They both laughed again then Faith asked;

 “Moh, where did you find this guy? Just twenty minutes and my ribs are now in danger! He is really fun to be with.”

“You asked me why I love him so much, that is just but one of the reasons why I love him.” Maureen told Faith.

“Ladies! Now on a serious note, why are we going to a shopping mall? I am already late for work and today is my peak day.” I said.

“Relax Haman; I know that, I watch you from my office daily so I know the days you are over busy.” Maureen replied.

We went into the mall; as usual I was the odd one out, the center of attraction. Everyone wondered who is this guy was, with faded clothes and in company of two well-dressed ladies, and not just ladies but beautiful ladies. We went to the clothes section and Maureen pulled a black Tuxedo suit.

“Try this one on.” She said giving me the suit.

“Am wearing no suit till you tell me what the occasion is.” I replied.

“Okay, you really hard to surprise, I got you an interview at a much better and bigger newspaper company, the interview is tomorrow.” Maureen said.

“That is why you need this Haman.” She added.

“Ooops! Love that will be a problem. I said.

“But why?” She asked.

“I left my certificates with my friend Kyla. After I lost hopes for ever finding a job I just left them at her place since they were safe there and she lives far away from town. Can’t get there and back in a day.” I said.

“Leave that to me dear, Francis is my very good friend and owes me a favour so you will just need yourself and maybe a chapter of your book, he needs to see how good your book is.” She replied.

Maureen got me five tuxedos but I would not go to work in a tuxedo so I put on my usual faded hustle clothes. An hour later we were at my job place.

Faith was enjoying the company too so she decided to join us at work. After we had arranged the stock on the display desk, Faith found a copy of the draft newspapers I used to do corrections and Word puzzles, she got puzzled.

“Haman you did all these?” She asked.

Before I could answer Maureen said, “I know, right?! The 1st time I saw that I too could not believe it till I watched him do it. He is so good at words my dear.”

“Wow! This is amazing! I have never completed not even a single Jumble game leave alone a word puzzle and you have filled these three already?” Faith said.

“Actually they are more than three.” I said removing a sack under the display table.

Every morning when collecting my newspaper supplies, I would also collect the draft copy I was working on the previous day. Faith could not believe her eyes. I had more than a hundred copies of the drafted newspaper with all Word puzzles filled.

Maureen too was shocked, she never expected that much. I don’t know if it was the two ladies or was it luck; by noon, half of the stock had been bought, even books I never had sold not even a single copy, that day I sold several.

Maureen sent Faith to go grab us some lunch. When we were left with Maureen, I asked her;

“Sweetheart, does your friend work?”

“Yes, she is an accountant at the Laxsmart enterprises.” Maureen answered.

“Wow! And should she not be at work?” I asked.

“She took a leave too, so the three of us will be hunging out a lot.” She said smiling.

Laxsmart Enterprises was one of the biggest companies in town; hanging out with two ladies working in big companies was just but a miracle. Faith was back with packed lunch.

By evening we had sold all my stock, we had to get more. Faith drove us to my supplier’s place; we picked more stock, took it to the store and went out for dinner.


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A Son I Never Got to Meet



AUTHOR: George Haman

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……………Maureen rushed to get the car. I did not want this guy to see us together again since I knew not who he was or what he was capable of. He spotted me and started following me, I had to get him as far away from Maureen as possible. I had just taken the 1st corner when I met with Officer Evance and his partner, Officer Phil.

“Hey officers?” I greeted them.

“Hey Ham, you look so distressed, are you okay?” Evance asked

“No am not, one of the guys who attacked me yesterday, he is following me.” I replied

Evance and Phil came up with a plan; I lead him right to them. They went to hiding and I pretended to have gotten tired, then the guy showed up.

“You thought you would go far huh?” He asked.

“What yours do I have?” I replied to him.

“Listen carefully; you stay away from that Lady, or else…..”

“Or else what? You will kill me in public?” I cut into the conversation b4 he would complete his sentence.

It was in a public place hence he would not act though so as not to draw attention to his side. He was about to point a knife at my ribs when Evance and Phil showed up, they arrested the guy and took him to the station.

Since I was to go for a checkup with Maureen, I was to go write a statement at the station the next day. I went back to where Maureen left me, I found her mad at me.

“Where did you go to Haman?!” She asked with a harsh tone

“I had gone to take my tax receipt to the city council offices dear.” I replied calmly.

“You should have called at least! Not sneaking out on me!” She said now calming down.

“Have you ever seen me with a phone?” I asked smiling in a sarcastic manner.

She dived into her pouch, got out a brand new phone and gave it to me.

“Here, this is for you, next time call!” She said.

“I sure will, I don’t know how to ever repay you dear!” I replied.

“I will still insist Haman, you owe me nothing!” She said.

“It’s getting late, get in the car we go the hospital.” She added.

I got into the car and we drove off to the hospital. This time we went to a different hospital, it was her favourite. The doctor on duty was called Vero; she was a great friend of Maureen. At the reception, we were welcomed by a nurse by the name Linnet, she had a convincing beautiful smile; one would think you going to feast on a buffet luncheon instead of injections.

By 6:40pm all was done, was given some meds to help ease the swelling and pain. Maureen dropped me off at my usual dropping point and as usual, I made sure she had left then I walked the remaining distance.

I was well known in the slums so when people heard I had been attacked, they came to console me. We sat outside on a field just behind the neighbouring houses and started telling stories.

Later, at around 7:30pm I went back to my cube and started getting ready for the following day. I had no appetite so did not even think of cooking.

I had just put everything in order when I recalled I was gifted a phone. I took it and started to play games with it.

I heard a knock at my door; this was weird because all my neighbours none used to Knock, instead they would call out my name loudly. I was sure that was not my neighbour but could not figure out whom it was.

I went to answer the knock. Just after opening the door, a lady stood in front of me, she was in a black skirt, just slightly above the knees, and a white top with black spots.

“Hello Maureen, how did you know where I live???!” I asked, shock written all over my face.

“I followed you Haman. It was dark so I made sure you see as if I had left then just after I took the corner I gave my workmate, Milly, the car to take it home for me then followed you, even as you jumped the sewage about a hundred meters from here I was right  behind you.” Maureen said. I lacked words to tell her.

“So, may I come in?” Maureen asked

I got confused; I did not hear her question at first so I asked her;

“Sorry, you were saying?”

“Haman, I asked you, May I come in??!” She repeated her question now more louder.

I first stood there staring at her, a million questions crossing my mind.

“Yea! Sure, come in dear. But don’t judge my small room; this is all I can afford Maureen.” I told her.

Maureen came in; I could see her gaze at my simple small room. From her look I could see she had something to say.

“Wow! You really are so orderly, everything is in order.” She said

“Is this why you always refused I visit you? You feared I would stop being your friend or maybe judge you?” She asked on a light note.

“To be honest, yes. Maureen you are way out of my league, I can barely support myself dear. I feared how you would react.” I replied now shying off

“Love knows no league my dear, neither does it have boundaries.” She said smiling.

Did I hear her right? Did she just mention love?! Maureen is in love with me? Of all men in the world, me? A humble newspaper vender! All these crossed my mind.

“Am sorry I have nothing to offer you my dear. I have not cooked supper and was not to cook.” I said.

She smiled, took her bag and removed some shopping.

“I bought these for you dear.” She said.

My house, or do I say cube, had never had such an amount of shopping. For once in my life, I felt a failure.

Maureen got up from where she was seated, lit the stove and started to prepare food. After taking supper, Maureen borrowed my towel to go and shower; I was still using my campus towel. By now Maureen had accepted my lifestyle so I stopped caring what she will think. She was really a simple and unique lady.

I fetched water for her, took it to our public bathrooms (We would share the washrooms with the neighbours) and left her to shower. How a lady in her class would blend so easily with ghetto life, I don’t know! All I know is that Maureen is special.

After the shower Maureen came back, with only the towel on. I could not help but notice her spotless legs; she stood right in front of me, with a smile on as usual. All this seemed like a dream to me, I could not believe the most beautiful lady in town was in my cube, wearing just a towel.

It was late already so definitely I knew Maureen was going to sleep over. She had brought some lotion with her; she started applying it on her body. Damn! Maureen had a really smooth skin. I sat there watching her like some movie on a TV Screen, temptations would just keep on coming, her thighs were one thing I would ever resist seeing. She was driving me crazy but I had to hold my horses, it was the 1st night together.

“Help me apply lotion on my back dear.” Maureen said.

At first I was reluctant; she was adding temptations on top of temptations. I just was like a robot, still could not believe my eyes.

“Okay, where do I start?” I asked smiling sheepishly.

“You can start anywhere Ham.” She replied.

I took the lotion and slowly started to apply lotion on her back, her skin was soft, I got carried away by the tenderness and kept on rubbing her back; she too was enjoying it and got carried away too.

I don’t know how but I found my arms having migrated from her back to her chest, I was still kneeling behind her, admiring her soft and tender skin. She slowly turned her head, looked direct into my eyes, smiled and kissed my lips.

I tried to kiss her back but this was just too much for me to digest at once. Instead of kissing her back, I just stared at her like a statue.

“Are you okay Haman? She asked, moving her soft palm around my rough cheeks.

“Yes, just hard to believe am with you at my place dear.” I replied.

“Why is it hard to believe? I am just human like you are dear!” She said.

“You are human yes but so beautiful Maureen. I don’t deserve you; you deserve the best in this world dear.” I said.

She stared at me and with love written all over her eyes, she said;

“Haman you are the best, you are the one I deserve. If told to choose again, I would pick you over and over again.”

She then held me crosser and this time gave me a deep kiss.

We started kissing; now both of us losing it, none of us was in control. I would feel Maureen gently touch my chest, her touch was so magical. Despite the thin mattress, I could not feel the pressing floor.

I was about to undo the towel when I heard someone call out my name. It was a very good neighbour of mine called Jed.

“Haman! It’s me, Jed; I brought you the other copy of the package you sent me! I could not get much since the money was not enough but this should take you a week or two” Jed said.

I had a hard choice to make, ignore Jed and go on with what I was doing, or stop and go see Jed…..

Maureen just lay on the mattress like some innocent lamb waiting to be sacrificed, looking beautiful than ever. I just had to check out the package Jed had, I had waited for it for so long.

“I will be back Darling, don’t move.” I said to Maureen and opened the door.



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……..Just then the doctor came back, his name was Gully, he looked at me sympathetically and said, “Am sorry Haman but the boss says for you to get the operation done you need to pay a deposit of at least 40, 000.”

 His words cut down inside me like a sword; there was no way I could raise 40000 on a hospital bed with two bullets in my body. I lay down tears starting to build up then I heard someone tap me softly, I looked up and saw Maureen smiling at me, she really had a beautiful smile.

“How are you feeling Ham?” Maureen asked

“I don’t know how I am feeling anymore Maureen!” I replied

“But why say that Haman? All will be alright, I promise.” She said, now looking at me with Kind eyes.

“The hospital wants 40K deposit for my surgery, I can barely afford paying rent, I just have to lie here and wait for my time.” I replied now almost crying.

“Don’t worry about that Haman; I paid for your surgery in full. You will be heading in into the theatre any time from now.” She said, smiling.

Before I could say thank you, Grace came and said;

“Haman, it’s time for you to go in to the theatre, the doctors are ready.”

An hour later my surgery was done and both bullets removed. I was to stay in the hospital for a day or two then get discharged.

When I was brought out of the Theatre, I found Maureen waiting anxiously at the waiting bay.  She was very excited when she saw me; I could see tears of joy cascade down her soft cheeks. I tried my best to put a smile but the pain was too much, I was taken to a ward.

Maureen came in to the ward; I looked at her and said,

“Thank you so much, I owe you my life Moh.”

“No, you owe me nothing Haman, I was just saying thank you for saving my life and taking the Bullets for me.  Were it not for you, I would have been shot in the head and died, Thank You Haman.” Maureen replied.

A week later I was back to my job, by now we were close friends with Maureen. During lunch break she would come with packed lunch and we eat together then she would return to her office. In the evening after work she would keep me company till I close my business.

This went on for a week but I could not let Maureen see where I lived hence she would give me a ride and drop me off at some point, I wait till she was gone then I would walk to the slums.

It was on a Monday, as usual we had lunch together and in the evening after work Maureen came over. We chilled at my business spot chatting stories till it was time to go home, my place was just a twenty minutes’ walk.

“Today I want to go with you to your place.” Maureen said. These words got me by surprise, I could not let Maureen come over to the slums; her class was way too high to be loitering in the stinking slums.

I had a very thin 3 by 6 mattress on the floor and my cube could barely fit something else other than my Campus suit case, a cooking stove and a few cutlery, by a few I mean, one plate, one cup, two spoons and two sufurias and a cooking stick.

I could not picture in my mind a lady who is driving coming to such a place!


“Maureen dear, you cannot get to my place; the road is too small only bikes operate there.” I replied.

“That’s not a problem, my car is at the garage; today I came by public means.” She said smiling.

“Oh! I didn’t know that. But also, you are not safe there; you can be attacked because no one who lives there dresses fancy clothes and shoes.” I told her.

Maureen tried to insist she wants to visit my place but no way on earth this could happen, not while am living in the slums. She gave up insisting and said to me;

“Okay then, since you don’t want me to your place, let me buy you dinner today. Please don’t say no to this one too.”

Well, I couldn’t turn her down twice, I accepted her offer. She took me to some fancy restaurant around my working spot; I never had been to such a beautiful place.

Everyone was looking at me, I was the odd one out, no fancy clothes, no fancy shoes, the only fancy thing I had was Maureen. Everyone wondered how such a beautiful rich lady could end up with a guy like me, a guy who can barely live like a normal human.

The restaurant had seats at the backyard, we went to the backyard, had our dinner and after dinner I took my new best friend to get a cab home. After she was safe in the cab, I started my journey to my humble cube, (Does not deserve to be called a house anyway).

I had walked a few meters when three men, just out of nowhere came and grabbed me, I could not struggle much since I was not fully healed my bullet scars.

Two of the men held my arms and pinned me to the ground, the third man started kicking me telling me to give them all the money the Lady I was with gave me. I was used to such kind of guys so I just let them kick me all they want but would never give them not even a single penny. The guy kicking me then drew a knife from his jacket.

Blows, I would swallow the pain, but a knife, hell no! I was about to get them the money from where I had hidden it when I saw someone with a flashlight approaching us, the guys ran away. The guy approaching was a cop, he was my friend; his name was Evance.

“Are you okay Ham?” Officer Evance asked.

“Not really, those idiots hit my bullet wounds man.” I replied struggling to get up.

Evance helped me get up, he then helped me walk towards the place I called home. We were not far from the slums when we met with two of my neighbours and good friends too, Betty and Precious. I told Evance I was safe with these two, they would get me home safely.

“Okay, take care you three; let me go for my patrols.” Evance said handing me over to Precious and Betty.

My face had now started swelling, I could feel blood on my T-shirt too, I was bleeding from the wounds I had been shot. A few minutes later, we were at home.

“Let me dress your wound Ham.” Betty said.

I let her dress my wounds and since I already had taken supper, I slept. In the morning I woke up late, I drugged myself to work. I arrived about three hours later than my usual arrival time; I had a hoodie to cover my face since it was swollen on one side.

I had just been there for about three hours when Maureen came, as usual with packed lunch. I did not hug her as I used to, I was in a dull mood.

“Are you okay Haman?” She asked.

“Yes am fine dear.” I replied trying to hide my face.

I had never been in a hoodie so Maureen suspected I was hiding something. She pulled down the hoodie and on seeing my face, she exclaimed;

“Oh My goodness!! Who did this to you?”

“It’s nothing my dear, I will be okay.” I replied trying to cut off the conversation.

“I insist Haman, tell me what happened!” She said, now with a more serious voice.

“Okay, yesterday after you left I was attacked by three thugs. They saw you give me money so followed me to snatch it, you now see why I didn’t want you at my place? You will not be safe there.” I told her trying to change the story.

“You need to see a Doctor Haman.” Maureen said.

“No, it’s nothing serious dear, I will be fine.” I replied.

Lunch time was over and Maureen had to go back to the office. I was left doing my usual thing, filling in the word puzzles and making corrections on the newspaper drafts for the following day. Time seemed to go so slow, I was really bored. Eventually Maureen was out of the office and came direct to my working spot.

“Close up Haman, am taking you to see a Doctor.” She said.

“I am going to no hospital dear. I told you I am fine.” I replied.

“Hand me over that book on your left.” She said.

I could not stretch out my left hand due to pain; I turned and took the book with my right hand.

“No Haman, not that one, the other one, and use your left hand.” Maureen said.

“Haha! Why are you so beautiful and smart too?” I asked her laughing.

“You can’t fool me my dear.” She replied smiling.

“Okay, I will go with you to the Doctor but under one condition.” I said

“I am listening, which Condition?” She asked.

“You are not taking me home.” I replied.

She smiled and agreed to my terms. She helped me pack up my stock and we closed the business. It was around 5 O’clock in the evening, we kept the books in a store where we would all put our stock, (All who were in my line of work along that street).

We had just finished locking up the store when I turned and from far sported the guy who was beating me up the previous night. I recognized him from his Jacket.

“Hey! Maureen, where is your car?” I asked her.

“It’s just across the streets. Why did you ask?” She replied.

“Go get it, now!” I told her.

Maureen rushed to get the car. I did not want this guy to see us together again since I knew not who he was or what he was capable of. He spotted me and started following me, I had to get him as far away from Maureen as possible. I had just taken the 1st corner when I met with Officer Evance and his partner, Officer Phil.




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