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It was on Wednesday, the evening was calm and sunny I remember. I made the call but she never picked up. She had never failed to pick up my calls, this got me bothered. I was 13years old by then; she was my world. I called again and there was no answer. I decided to go for some physicals to keep fit. After my workout, I went back to my room. My best friend, Kyla came in and said;

“Hey, your mum just called.”

“What did she say?” I asked

“She asked where you were but I told her you went out”

“Thanks Kyla.” I replied.

I sensed something was wrong, I had a bad feeling but I didn’t know why. Two days later, John showed up, he was my eldest brother. I could see distress in him; he could not even look me in the eye. He told me to pack my things, we have to go home. A sharp pain ran across my spine, John could not talk to me neither look at me, I sensed something terrible was going on, but I was too scared to ask what it was for I feared that the answer might be sad.

We dropped by Naomi’s office, Naomi was John’s wife. We got into the office; I could see terror written on Naomi’s face. John locked the door and said;

“Haman, it is okay if you cry but you have to be strong for your little sister Diana.” I needed no more information; I just knew what he was to say next.

Three nights before John showed up, I had a nightmare; it was my worst nightmare, a nightmare I so hoped would never happen but only to find out three days later, it was not just a nightmare but was a vision.

 “It’s mum.” John said.

 I tried to cry but tears could not flow, I was in a freeze state.

“She was at the hospital, yesterday morning she left us; we lost her Ham.”  John confirmed my worst fears.

 I just wished it was all a dream which I was to wake up from but till to date; I have never woken up from that nightmare. About 8 years later, I am now out in the streets selling 2nd hand books and newspapers. I have a degree in linguistics but I could not find a white collar job hence decided to be a newspaper vender; I needed to earn something for my survival. One day, I woke up as usual in my humble iron sheet house, while lying on my thin mattress on the floor I could see the stars on my roof, stars made of the rays of the rising sun.

 I could not afford to buy bread for breakfast; I just took a cup of coffee and was off to work as usual. My spot for selling the books and newspapers was in the city, it was at the middle of many huge companies. I sat there, gazing at the passing people, just then I had an unusual customer.

A well-dressed fairly tall lady in a purple dress and some super expensive shoes stopped by my desk and asked;

 “Excuse me please; do you have a copy of today’s newspaper?”

 “Yes I do ma’am.” I replied calmly

 “Give me three copies.” She said giving me a five hundred note.

 I gave her the newspaper copies and said;

 “Ma’am, let me get you change, hold on for just a minute.”

“Keep change,” she replied smiling.

 The highest tip I ever got in my line of duty was a twenty Bob, the lady just left me a 350 tip.

 “Thank you so much ma’am.” I said.

“Call me Maureen, I work just across the street, I see you work hard every day from my office and today I decided to come see what you sell.” She said.

 “Thank you Maureen, I am humbled.” I replied.

She walked back to her office and I was left behind reading the newspaper of the next day, I used to get a draft copy of the next day’s paper as I collected my supplies for the day.

I had a tendency of filling in the Word Puzzles and even correcting errors made by the publishers of the papers, on the draft copy, then later in the day I would drop my corrected copy of the newspaper draft at their office for an extra coin. It was at five o’clock in the evening, time for office workers to go home.

 Maureen passed by before going home and said;

 “I saw you had a newspaper you had done word puzzles, kindly help me with it.” She request.

“I am sorry but it is the only copy, I have to return it to their office.” I replied.

 “Oh okay. See you around tomorrow.” Maureen said as she walked towards her car.

 I was watching Maureen leave when I saw a man withdraw a gun from his bag, it was an Ak47. He then removed his jacket and I saw he had a belt around him full of armor. I at once knew the show was about to get down, before he could cork the gun I had jumped across my desk, and ran towards Maureen.

 By the time he fired the 1st round, I had speared Maureen to the ground, the guy in front of Maureen was the 1st to be shot.

“What is happening?” Maureen asked shaking like a fragile leaf.

“What is happening is that I just saved your life beautiful.” I replied smiling to show her all will be well.

There was a car just a few steps away; we used it as our cover. People panicked and started running, caught up in a melee, the unlucky were caught up with by the bullets being sprayed by this guy like some pesticides.  Before people knew where the bullets and gunshots were coming from dozens had been shot, some dying on the spot.

“Stay here, don’t move.” I told Maureen.

“Where are you going?!” She asked, frightened.

“I will be back, I promise.” I told her and left, I walked bending. I was just about to open the door of a car in front of me when the guy spotted me, he started firing at me. I was hit by two bullets, one on my thigh and another on my right shoulder, I went crushing down.

 I was just hearing a buzz in my ears, I guess I landed on the ground and hit my head because I could also see nothing but just a pale white colour. I was in this state for about two minutes.

Later on I could hear, from far, the sirens. Before I knew what had happened to me, the place was filled with all ranks of police officers. The guy who was shooting at people on seeing he had been surrounded by police, he blew himself up, he had a bomb vest.

Maureen came rushing towards me calling for help. The paramedics came and picked me and I was put at the back of one of the ambulances, Maureen barely knew my name.

 “What is your name?” She asked. “Haman, but my friends call me Ham.” I replied.

She then asked one of the paramedics which hospital they were taking me. I was taken to a hospital in town and I required immediate surgery to remove the bullets, but now, I could barely afford a piece of bread in the morning, how was I to pay for a surgery?!

“Sir what is your name?” The doctor asked.

“I am Haman.” I replied.

“Haman do you have a hospital card or maybe insurance cover?” He asked.

“No Doc, I am a humble newspaper vender in the streets.” I replied.

The doctor faked a smile and told me “Don’t worry all will be well, I will be back in a short while Haman. Just hold on tight.”

 While on that stretcher I had a 8 years ago flashback, tears started rolling down my cheeks. Was I going to die on a hospital bed too? I now got scared. I could barely move my arm or leg, I was in huge pain.

A nurse passing by saw the pain I was in and she was touched, her name was Grace. She went to the side cabin just a few steps from where I was and took a syringe; she then took a plastic container with a yellow substance.

“This should help ease your pain,” nurse Grace said injecting me the substance.

“Thanks Grace,” I said reading her name tag on her chest to confirm the name.

 A friend of Grace, a nurse too by the name Gladys passed by and noticed Grace was concerned.

 “What happened to him?”  Gladys asked Grace.

“I don’t know, I just saw he was in too much pain and decided to help.” Grace answered.

“I was shot by the lunatic who blew himself in the CBD.” I said, now feeling much relieve.

“You are lucky you survived, most of the casualties did not make it to the hospital.” Gladys replied.

Just then the doctor came back, his name was Gully, he looked at me sympathetically and said, “Am sorry Haman but the boss says for you to get the operation done you need to pay a deposit of at least 40, 000.”



The Story continues in Phase Two.

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A love story Written by George Haman



AUTHOR: George Haman.



Max helped me put him into the trunk of the car then we got into the car. Melina sat beside me at the back seat and Max sat with the driver in the front seat.  The car had a mini screen so Max dug into his pocket and took out a USB disk. He inserted it into the Mini Screen and said,

“Jack, here are the answers you are looking for.”

I sat and waited for the USB disk to read, just then a car hit us from behind. The saloon car we were in was packed on the highway hence the oncoming car from behind ran into us. Melina was hit on her head and my leg got trapped in between the front seats. I could barely move, all I could do was sit there helpless and watch Melina bleed.

Max, Melina and the driver had passed out. Max had his head hit by the dashboard while the driver had hit the steering wheel. Melina was hit by the front seat again and this time she was bleeding from her forehead. I started calling for help since I could not even help myself. A man walked to the window and peeped, he saw how helpless I was.

He opened the door and helped me remove my leg where it was stuck, I was bleeding. He took my jacket and placed it on my leg then told me to put pressure on it so as to slow the bleeding.

He then took a neck scurf and tied it around Melina’s head to slow her bleeding. He had a car parked at the side of the highway; he carried us one by one to the car and drove us to the hospital.

“Excuse me sir, what is your name?” I asked him on our way to the hospital.

“My name is Frank Sir. I work for the Criminal Investigations department.” He replied.

“You know who I am?” I asked.

“Lieutenant Jack Sir.” Frank replied.

“My files are classified, how did you get clearance to access my files?” I asked.

“I am your guardian soldier sir; your protection is always my responsibility.” Frank said.

“You have been following me?” I asked shocked.

“Not really following you, but it is my job to make sure that you are safe until you are pulled out of the undercover department.” Frank said.

“For how long have you been observing my moves?” I asked.

“From the very first day you joined the undercover; that was when I was deployed to be your guardian soldier.” Frank replied.

“You know these three?” I asked.

“I know each and every person you have spoken to since I started watching over your back sir.” He replied.

“Who the hell are they?” I asked.

“My apologies sir but I have orders not to give you any information about these three. That will be someone else’s responsibility sir.” Frank said.

“Did you take the USB disk on the screen at the front of the car we were in?” I asked.

“No Sir, it has nothing useful for you.” Frank said.

“And how do you know that?” I asked getting confused.

“I was in the military before I became your guardian soldier, it is best that you did not watch what was in that USB disk since it had the wrong information and you would end up harming Melina.” Frank said.

“So what you are trying to say is that Max is a traitor?” I asked.

“Not Max, someone above him. And that someone wants to eradicate Max and Melina hence he corrupted the information in the USB disk and exchanged the disk with the one which Max had to show you. After seeing what was in that disk, you would do the dirty job for him and take care of Max and Melina.” Frank said.

“So Max is also a government agent?” I asked.

“Not really Sir.” Frank replied.

“The USB disk which was in the saloon car, what did you do with it?” I asked.

“I am a soldier sir, I follow orders. I had orders to take the four of you to the hospital and destroy the USB disk.” Frank said.

“These two here also know who I am, they know even my ranking, how is that possible? I asked pointing at Melina and Max.

“Sir, as I said, they are not government agents like you are. I have no clearance to give you any detailed information about any of them.” Frank replied.

“If you are my guardian soldier then that means you take orders from me as well, right?” I asked.

“Yes Sir but before I execute the order it must be approved by your superiors.” Frank said.

“Take these three to the hospital then drive me to the headquarters and that is an order.” I said.



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